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Redefining a Cell

How the Internet of cells has biologists buzzing Networks of nanotubes may allow cells to share everything from infections and cancer to dementia-linked proteins. It’s pretty interesting. Here’s just a short excerpt: “The work has captured imaginations. “It was a seminal paper,” says Okafo. “Prior to that there was still some scepticism about whether these […]

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The Pursuit of Truth

Gilbert de Tournai in the 14th century: “Never will we find truth if we content ourselves with what is already known… Those things that have been written before us are not laws but guides. The truth is open to all, for it is not yet totally possessed. Fra. Giordano in Florence in 1306: Not all […]

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Headlines here and there

Two homosexual men share how God reached out to them and made them leave the emptiness of same sex relationships behind. There was a time when I would carefully try to sift through articles like this and acknowledge any valid point that might be hidden amongst the pile of dog doo. That time is […]

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About the Little Boys

A few long time readers have asked, and I haven’t answered because I haven’t been sure what to say. I still am not sure what to say. The barest bones: Their mother made some horrible choices that put them in an untenable situation. We kept the boys for the holidays the year before we moved […]

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Crossing the Street in the Philippines

I should say, rather, crossing the street in Davao. I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere in the country. I know this. There are, I am told, laws about jay-walking. They are almost never enforced. Periodically there will be a kind of a crackdown and in that case there will be an announcement, word of […]

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