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Isaac Watts would not have liked me much

“He had no words to waste upon the idle groups who haunted the circles of fashion; a kind of intellectual avarice prevented him from casting his pearls away with a careless hand; he was a servant of the altar, not the high-priest of the drawing-room. An acute writer has remarked, that it is the province […]

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The medical kidnapping of Amen Ra

The same social worker who investigated and dismissed a family without ever seeing the child victim- who turned out to be dead in the mother’s freezer, is responsible for holding another baby who has never been abused hostage to her own whims because the mother preferred a vitamin to a shot, and will not ‘admit’ […]

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Pour vs Spill

A liquid measuring cup has but one key job in the world to do. That is to pour liquid. To pour it straight and true, not to dribbling it willnilly down the side of the cup and onto the floor, the counter, and one’s clothes. But not in one in ten actually does this job. […]

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August, 2017 Davao City, Philippines Language Learning: This week I’ve just been tired and frustrated and discouraged by a lot of things. They are all mostly little things, things I can’t fix, things that don’t matter, and it’s probably really about a lack of sleep or something I ate. They are also largely things that […]

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Pray for Afghanistan

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