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From my Recipe Box: Polish Apple Pancakes

  This simple recipe (flour, eggs, milk, and apples) is delicious with sausage on the side, or a bit of cheddar cheese over the top of the pancake for those who prefer more protein for breakfast.

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A Miracle In House Lighting

Look, read, and marvel:   Who would have thought it?  According to the pictures, not only will the proper houselighting improve your work space and allow you to see your work, it will cause you to immediately lose about 75 pounds and 15 years as well.

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Living with abuse

My father had a fixation of sorts with a t-shirt he had that said ‘World’s Greatest Grandpa.’ I don’t remember who got it for him, but I know that he got his ‘world’s greatest Grandpa’ coffee cup because he made it quite clear that it hurt his feelings that Granny Tea had at least half […]

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St. Catherine

This picture is taken from a book called Old English Churches: Their Architecture, Furniture, Decoration, Monuments … By George Clinch, published in 1900. It tickles my fancy, even though the story behind it is not funny at all:   I love her expression, don’t you?  I can just hear her saying, “Stop writhing, Sire, I’m […]

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Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. If you want to say something to them, here is what to say to any Vets and Veteran’s families you know, “Thank-you for your service. I’m thinking of the fallen today, I know you are, too.” From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary- Memorial: 1. Preservative of memory. There high in air memorial of […]

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K-Drama Review: Girl Who Sees Smells/ Sensory Couple

Sensory Couple- for the little to no amount of sex, language, and skin shown, I’d give this a solid G. For violence, it’s a strong PG13- it’s not that there’s a lot of graphic violence you actually have to see, but it’s kind of impossible to have a serial killer known for leaving a strange […]

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Free Printables

Or just feast your eyes. The design comes from a colour plate of an arch/entrance in the agra. I found the plate in an old book online, but I already deleted that window and can’t remember the title. The verses are from Lamentations, chapter 3. If you want to use the ink to print them, […]

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The Dugger Scandal

I agree with those who note that there is a double standard in the media, and there are plenty of other child molesters the media knows and loves and covers for. I’m pretty sure if Josh came out of the closet as gay and it turned out his victims were little boys, many of those […]

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Reading here, reading there, reading bits of everywhere

I know this is a shock, but CNN lied a whole bunch in their Feb, um, ‘report’ about white terror groups.  Must reading.   Meditation study finds that meditation and mindfulness are not the panacea we’ve been told. On study conducted in prison found that prisoners were “just as aggressive before the mindfulness techniques,” but […]

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Country Music Mashup

This is totally hilarious: IT’s by Sir Mashalot. He’s got a facebook page and he’s planning a release of a 25 song pop mash up soon. Songs in the same genre will sound similar because there are certain traits that fit a song in one genre rather than another. What impresses me is not the […]

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