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1920 magazine cover, because it’s pretty

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Open Ended Narration Questions

I gleaned and gathered these from elsewhere- they are not all original to me.   Should he/she have done that? How does x compare with y? What is x? What do you mean by that? What was going on at that time? Why do you think …? What do you suppose was the cause or reason […]

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This is so much fun

The brilliant person who produced this mash-up requests that those who enjoyed it consider donating to film preservation: If you like this video, please support these film preservation charities: The British Film Institute, The George Eastman Museum, The Film Foundation, Movies used (you can also see them named in the captions): 1. […]

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Vintage article on home and family

(Previously) Some of this has absolutely no bearing on today, at least not in the U.S. Some of it presents useful principles and ideas.  The illustrations are mostly advertisements I found in a 1920 House Beautiful or similar magazine.   The first essential of the perfect home is its adaptation to the family.  It is […]

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Romping through mathematics

Following excerpted from an oop book, Romping through Mathematics: AS Easy as One, Two, Three ARITHMETIC ARITHMETIC is the science of numbers just as botany is the science of plants and astronomy the science of the stars. Even in the very early days of recorded history men knew something about numbers. They had to. They […]

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Vintage Valentines to Colour

School Arts, Volume 13

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Make a better world by being less smug, lady

Looks good at first glance.  And if you look closely (see the girl child’s speech, for instance) you see this wasn’t really made with an American audience in mind, and things are probably different in South Korea (the girl child’s reply is in hangeul, the Korean alphabet). But for America,  I find the attitude of […]

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Nature Study in the Home, text version

Parent’s Review, volume 19, no. 10, October, 1908 NATURE STUDY IN THE HOME (Lecture delivered to the Bolton Branch of the P.N.E.U. by the Rev. A. Thornsley, M.A., F.L.S. Nature Study the Children’s Study. (Audio version is here) Nature study is par excellence the children’s study. Miss Mason, the founder of the Parents‘ National Educational […]

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Audio: Nature Study in the Home, a 1908 Parent’s Review Article

I’m reading aloud from a paper the Rev. Thornley presented at a branch meeting of a Parents’ National Education Union meeting in 1908. (text version is here) Apologies in advance for a few things- floundering, mispronunciations, some uneven audio levels. But it’s such a helpful article, IMO, that I didn’t want to put this off until  perfected my […]

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Mortification of sin in believers by John Owens, part V

Part IV is here

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