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Printable Place Cards for Thanksgiving

Set paper orientation to landscape. Bottom margin .2, the others to .5. Click to enlarge the pictures. Cut them out- there are six double sided cards and 3 single sided on each page.Cut out the double-sided ones and fold them in half. ¬†Write a guests name on one side and place it at their seat. […]

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Grandma’s Thanksgiving Dinner, 1912 cartoon

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Thankful for….

“If you can manage to use electricity in your home, you have the best deputy housekeeper the genius of man has ever contrived to harness for domestic service. Upon my own breakfast table we have, every morning, the perfection of toast not to be achieved by any other process, colored lightly, crisp and hot, turned […]

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Help a Refugee Family in Thailand

A friend tells me that he knows the sponsor of this opportunity, and vouches for him. Of course, most of you don’t know me, either, so maybe that doesn’t help. ¬†But take a look, consider a donation- 14.00 to support a family for an entire day is just a good thing to do. Their fundme […]

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November Menu- from 1912

              Mock Cherry pie; Pick over and wash two cupfuls of cranberries and cook in half a cupful of water until broken, then press them through a sieve. To one cupful of cranberry pulp, add one cupful of sugar and one cupful of chopped raisins. Bake between crusts. i’ve […]

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Jack and the Beanstalk Paper Dolls

The kids can use them for play, to help with narrations (not all of them need be just for the Jack story). This is also the sort of thing I’ve printed out in the past and put in Christmas stockings.

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PNEU Mentions in the Literature

This is a post for the Charlotte Mason/ Parents National Education geeks out there. Here’s a random collection of mentions of the P.N.E.U. around the turn of the century: “Where are the Parents? from a 1908 article in Journal of Education. Above is a screen shot of the page, below is a transcript: AT an […]

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Thanksgiving People to Colour

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ovenbird colouring page

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Protected: Behlmer on the PNEU

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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