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A Dog and a Boy

Your feel-good read/video: Read. View:

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No wonder I am so tired

For Reasons I distracted myself a bit ago by counting up how many children I’ve had here recently besides my 18 year old son who isn’t a child, and the Cherub who is forever a child. 18 in the last 10 days, almost continuously. Blynken and Nod came for a week and were unusually destructive […]

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Umbrella vs Husband

Is it a possible thing for a man to hold an umbrella over his wife’s hat, 1901 model, so as to protect her clothes and headgear and still not get the points tangled up in the hat? Can a woman’s costume be so designed that she can maintain a more nearly even gait so that […]

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3 once popular authors you may not have read

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott books The White Linen Nurse Amazon Reader Review: Plot revolves around a graduating trained nurse who, though very ably transformed into an automaton of efficiency, is lamenting her lack of individuality and vitality. When she comes into a very different line of work, caring for an irritable invalid girl and her even […]

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Four Delicious Drinks

Four Delicious Drinks BY MRS E. B. JONES Good Housekeeping, 1901 The housekeeper will find on trial that her family will appreciate one or more of the drinks made from the following recipes. They are suitable to serve on any occasion when light refreshments are in order, and accompanied with wafers or sponge cake will […]

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