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Egypt, 1958

How times have changed… — IN THE NOW (@IntheNow_tweet) June 22, 2017

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Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Free Speech


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Capitulation is Annihilation

The false Equivilance of comparing left and right– requires ignoring the open violence of the left, which is supported, sometimes tacitly, often openly, by key public faces of the left rather than by an occasional nutcase in the comments section of some blog. He seems to be embarrassed by the recent incidents where a single, […]

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We are the weapons of our own destruction

Americans are cooking less and eating fewer home-cooked meals.   Babies on ipads- it’s a really, really bad idea.  I know people don’t want to hear it, and they resent it when somebody says this stuff, but it’s so important.  Babies, children, all of us, are not designed for so much screen time.  Babies and […]

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Books on Manners for Littler People

In order of entertainment value: What Do You Say, Dear? and What Do You Do, Dear? by Sesyle Joslin. I have seen somebody freak out over this one because one of the many silly scenarios is what do you do when Bad-Nosed Bill (a cowboy bandit) asks if you’d like him to shoot you, and there’s […]

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