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My family’s first real camping trip we dove right into the deep end.  We had three children, ages 11 months, and 7 and 8 years old.  We were military, and we had orders to Alaska. We were visiting my grandparents in one of the Great Lakes states.   A number of my relatives had come to [...]

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Free4Kindle Books: Mostly Christian Fiction

The Gates Of Trevalyan Blurb: Family. Faith. Love. War. The Gates of Trevalyan brings the turbulent years before, during and after the Civil War to vivid and passionate life. Trevalyan, the beautiful central-Georgia plantation where idealistic young Jenny Mobley and aristocratic Charles King marry and build a life together, becomes a symbol of the heartache [...]

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Artificial Sweeteners Could Contribute to Diabetes

Artificial sweeteners *possibly* inked to obesity as well as diabetes. It may be because they alter the balance of the flora in your gut, thus changing the way your body processes sugars. Please note the qualifiers, but I think the possible correlation between altering the natural make-up of your gut and seemingly unrelated illnesses is [...]

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Biscuit Mix and Last Minute Guests

This is last minute frugal staple for feeding unexpected company, so if you don’t mind the gluten and wheat keep this biscuit mix on hand: (If you add powdered milk to the mix, then you only need to use water for the liquid in the recipes.) 10 cups all purpose flour (you can use whole [...]

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Indian Keema

Just finished Day 10 of the Whole30, and I am still sticking to it, um, with the exception of stevia in my coffee twice, and my coconut almond wraps that aren’t a pancake so there. The newest grandbaby was born last weekend, Papa Shasta had to go to work on Monday.  So Mama Equuschick and [...]

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I love this recipe

I made the batter for these pancakes (which I have shared several other times) last night. I just put the ingredients in a mason jar that fits my blender blades and cap and blent away. Then I let the batter sit in the fridge overnight, added a couple tablespoons of coconut milk and blent it [...]

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  Pictures taken with my cellphone camera out my back door after I shoved Ronan the Cowardly Irish Wolfhound out in spite of  his fear of the light fog so he could do his business. At least his fear made him finish his round in about 10 seconds.

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Hindrances to Frugality, # Eight

I’ve been talking about hindrances to frugalities, and we’re up to number 8, which is one of the hardest things to surmount, because there is only so much about it that is in your hands at all. 8. Emergencies- here is where some planning can help, but there’s a reason why a crisis is called [...]

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WWI War Propaganda Ad

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Hindrances to Frugality: Laziness or Sloth

7. Laziness- sometimes we buy the store bought bread because we are too busy to make our own, or because making bread just doesn’t fit with our family’s priorities or time. Sometimes, it’s because I just don’t ‘feel’ like baking bread. Too lazy to price shop. Too lazy to bake from scratch. Too lazy to [...]

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