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Friendship story

This is a quaint old story, rather dated, but to my mind, utterly charming and sweet. It’s pretty long for a blog post. YOu can send it to your kindle reader (which need not be a Kindle, can be the free app)- if you know your kindle email address (you can find that at Amazon), […]

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Everybody Should Read Classics

HEROISM IN HOUSEKEEPING So many talents are wasted, so many enthusiasms turned to smoke, so many lives spoiled for want of a little patience and endurance, for want of understanding and laying to heart the meaning of THE PRESENT—for want of recognizing that it is not the greatness or littleness of the duty nearest hand, […]

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Turkey (or chicken) Walnut Rice Salad

Turkey Walnut Salad This is a cold salad, lovely for a brunch, hearty, filling, piquant, delicious: 3 cups cooked rice, white or brown 2 cups cooked turkey, diced (you can substitute chicken or turkey ham, or regular ham, or even diced leftover cooked pork chops) 1/2 cup celery, diagonally sliced 1/4 cup pineapple chunks, drained […]

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Language Learning: Different Scripts

If you’re learning a language with a different script than the English Alphabet, look and see if the app  WriteIt by Jernung has your script. It’s free, although you can purchase an upgrade.  I only have used the free version.  It shows the letter strokes in order, has sound, and tests.   I think the paid upgrade removes […]

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That culture thing

This is only a topic I have mentioned multiple times before, but it comes up often and it still amuses me. I’m teaching English conversation to a Korean couple (lovely people) and this week we worked on a few words related to common health issues, especially for the missionary community. =)  So of course, this […]

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