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Grad Speech

Excellent graduation speech here, fewer than 400 words.

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I’m Angry, and I’m Getting Angrier

The late Bobby McFerrin, better known for the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” wrote a very different song that has been going through my head the last couple of days.  It’s called “I’m Angry,” or ‘Gima’.  I have it on a CD I’ve owned for probably 20 years, but probably haven’t listened to for at [...]

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Good Books and Stories Build Character

I am weary of seeing this subject of education always treated as if “education” only meant teaching children to write or to cipher or to repeat the catechism. Real education, the education which alone should be compulsory means nothing of the kind. It means teaching children to be clean, active, honest, and useful.- John Ruskin [...]

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Why Doesn’t She Tell?

“Why does she not tell immediately? The two things that keep women quiet when we should speak up about a sex crime are fear that we will not be believed and fear that we will be publicly shamed as enticing, consenting, or otherwise complicit. These fears can be extremely magnified when the report is expected [...]

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La Sala De Clase

The Project Gutenberg EBook of A First Spanish Reader Erwin W. Roessler and Alfred Remy 3. LA SALA DE CLASE (I) La escuela es grande y bonita y tiene muchas salas de clase. La sala de clase es grande y clara y tiene cuatro paredes. Las paredes son blancas o amarillas o verdes. El techo [...]

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K-Drama AND Thailand Drama Review

Full House- this is a totally different story than the American television show from the 80s featuring widowed dad, dad’s hawt bro-in-law, and their best friend raising three adorable daughters.  Not the same story at all. This story was originally a web story. It was made into a drama in Korea.  Recently, there was a [...]

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Still in Nevada

This was a funny interview to watch

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This Kid

Recently he’d been on the receiving end of some ribbing from some of my friends about his big head, which ribbing he had taken with good grace, and more evidence of a swollen head, btw. You may have seen this commercial:   My friends watched it and then sent it to the rest of us [...]

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Why We Read *These* Books

“…over three thousand years of western history, there has gradually accumulated a body of what have called “original communications.” The schoolroom term is classic , and that is all right with me if we add Carl Van Doren’s definition: “A classic is a book that doesn’t have to be rewritten.” “Literature,” says Ezra Pound, “is [...]

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A Time For Anger

Here’s Nolan Manteufel’s FB account.  The new husband of Doug Philips most public victim* is an angry young man. Good for him.  There is a time for anger, and this is surely it. May he defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; may he crush the oppressor….For he will [...]

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