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I know bears like this one

“The Bear Who Let It Alone”: A Fable by James Thurber “In the woods of the Far West there once lived a brown bear who could take it or let it alone. He would go into a bar where they sold mead, a fermented drink made of honey, and he would have just two drinks. […]

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Tricky Story Problem

Student I tutor has trouble with story problems.  Part of it is the language issue (English not being her first language), and part of it is a learning disability. We’ve been doing a few practice story problems in between readings.  They easy problems, mathematically, because right now I am just trying to get her confidence […]

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Chesterton on social maladies

Chesterton on curing social diseases, said we go about it backward. We focus on the problem first and then go after a cure, which is the proper course for physical health, but not really the right approach (he says) for spiritual or social maladies” it is the whole definition and dignity of man that in social […]

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Frozen Coffee Parfait

CAFE PARFAIT One pint of cream one cupful of cold coffee three fourths of a cupful of sugar one tablespoonful of vanilla Whip the cream quite stiff, add gradually the cup of coffee, then the sugar and vanilla, beating with an egg beater all the ingredients thoroughly together. Prepare your ice cream freezer as you […]

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Art, Beauty, and Meaning

Nudity in art (and elsewhere)… teaching art appreciation to students, and related random ramblings: To some people, this is a no-brainer and only neanderthols and tightly repressed puritans take issue with it. To others, this is a no-brainer, and no Christian ever lets their children see nudity in art and anybody who thinks otherwise just […]

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