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1871, An America War in Korea, part II

The U.S. attempted to send enquiries after the fate of the General Sherman and its men several times. The Koreans were disinclined to discuss the General Sherman, possibly because they thought compensation would be demanded and they didn’t feel they should have to compensate a nation over dispensing with a ship of thieves. Or perhaps […]

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How a cultural misunderstanding started a war, part 1

In the 19th century a number of Western countries, including the U.S., attempted to open up trade in the east. Korea, known as the Hermit Kingdom, resisted firmly, trying to keep China as a buffer between them and the west. Several western countries attempted to sail into Korea and negotiate some further trade relations. They […]

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Jack Sprat and Wife

My husband loves the spicy kimchi ramyun cup noodles, but he doesn’t really like soup at all.  I am not a huge fan of pasta in almost any form, but I love soup and I do like the flavor of kimchi ramyun noodles.  So he eats the noodles, and then I slurp down the broth.

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Oh, those preacher stories

While skimming an old teacher magazine from around WWI era, I came across an article where the author (favourably)  referred to ‘the old darkie’ who always prayed and asked the Lord to ‘prop me up on the leaning side.’  I liked the word picture of asking for propping on the leaning side, but know but […]

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Case in point

In December on my regular FB account, I posted a link to this article on the Daily Wire.  The headline says: “Whiteness Forum Denounces Christian Cartoon Veggie Tales as Racist.” I commented, “At first I thought it was The Onion. Everything is racism now, so nothing is, and college students are resorting to sending themselves […]

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