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You see this room? IT was once a craft room. But it got stuffed with too many projects, too many supplies, and too many plans, and it became of no use to anybody at all. There were limits to the space, which is finite, and to the ability of anybody to maneuver to organize. Adding […]

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Free4Kindle: back to school theme

These are titles that are connected, one way or another, with education. The Legacy of Ignorantism An address delivered before the Teachers Assembly, Baguio (Philippines), April 23, 1920, by T. H. Pardo de Tavera, 1857-1925 Also at Gutenberg Of historical interest to those who are interested in the history of secular education, of education and […]

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Cashew Butter Cookie Dough

I got the idea from Treats with a Twist I had to tweak it because I didn’t have all her ingredients (out of almond extract, which is implying that’s something I normally have), no coconut sugar, or I couldn’t use them if I wanted to make it as low in carbs as possible (coconut sugar, […]

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Daily Bible Reading

Here’s a daily reading plan for Bible which takes you through a chronological reading of the Bible. The link is to a KJV reading, but you can click through it and change the version if you prefer. If I were using this with young children and I knew what I know now (and were more […]

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Curtaining a Bookcase

I’ve mentioned that The Cherub has started grabbing books off the shelves and tearing pages. She turns her predatory vision upon one book-case at a time, and after I either move it, or cover up the books, it will be a few months before she finds another and decides to vandalize it. Last month I […]

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vintage illustrations

the kiss by paul helleu I can’t go full on facepalm, because I think I need to keep an eye on you. Studio International, Volumes 16-17

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Consecrated Life

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Our Oldest and Youngest (so far) Grandchildren

The Dread Pirate Grasshopper snuggling with little Stormageddon, the oldest and youngest of the cousins for now.  The next grandbaby is due in the next few weeks.

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Printable Notebooking Page

Set your paper orientation to portrait. What could you use this for? It’s open-ended, so I am not sure what you could *not* use it for. Hand it to your child and let him decide. Suggest he use it to draw illustrations of his favorite book characters, 9 famous authors, 9 famous landmarks, 9 key […]

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Lesson Plans for Drawing

      From School Arts Magazine, volume 15, published in 1916 (unless it’s the other way around) I think the Mr. Dillaway mentioned in the first set of lessons is THEODORE M. DILLAWAY, Director of Manual Arts, for the city of Boston in 1915.  He was art director for the schools in Buffalo, N.Y. in […]

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