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The best ideas

The boy and I were discussing Fahrenheit 451.  He complained that a certain idea took three paragraphs to explain and he felt like it should have been simplified. “The best ideas are like that,” I said in full sanctimonious Mom Has a Teachable Moment mode (not proud of it), “they are complex and deep and […]

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Poets through the ages

” ‘A great poem,” it has been truly said ” is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight, and after one person and one age has exhausted its divine effluence, which their peculiar relations enable them to share, another and yet another succeeds, and new relations are ever developed, the source […]

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Frugal Dress

I needed a lightweight skirt for spring. I hunted around at the thrift shop, but all I could find was this dress: Some people would call me pseudo-Amish. Some would call me frumpy. Some would call me old school home-school mom. I call me a modestly and comfortably dressed conservative Christian. Whatever the labels used, […]

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Children Need Play

Great read: “One of the most distressing characteristics of education reformers is that they are hyper-focused on how students perform, but they ignore how students learn. Nowhere is this misplaced emphasis more apparent, and more damaging, than in kindergarten. A new University of Virginia study found that kindergarten changed in disturbing ways from 1999-2006. There […]

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Uncovering Assumptions

In the past I’ve blogged about the concept of ‘what do you have in your hand,’ the idea being it’s better to make do with what you have than to run to the store for something.  It’s usually better to repurpose what you have, or at least what you can get for free or very, very […]

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Reading Shakespeare in Character

In the past when we ‘did’ Shakespeare and we were reading a play ‘in character,’ that is, assigning parts, here’s the gist of how we went about it: After we read the story of the play in Lamb’s, I found a copy of the play online.  This is a pretty good source- you can get […]

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Wild Edibles

t Power-packed Purslane Common in our yards but little known in the North American kitchen, purslane is both delicious and … Amazing Amaranth Grow this dual-purpose global ‘superplant’ for nutritious greens and high-protein whole grain…. Power-packed Purslane This tasty, easy-to-grow ‘weed’ is a rich source of omega-3s…. Country Lore: Delightful Dandelion Greens Recipe While dandelions […]

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Dear Older Woman. Help.

Dear older woman: HELP!  My children have clogged the toilet by giving their barbies baths (Barbie’s head came off), dumped out the cereal boxes on the dining room floor because they stood on the table and made it rain while I was cleaning up the flood in the bathroom, killed the fish by pouring the fish […]

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K-Drama Review: The Attorney

Loosely based on real life events in Korea in the eighties. From Wikipedia: “With only a high school diploma, legal attorney Song Woo-suk (Song Kang-ho) is somewhat of an outcast in Busan society ruled by university connections. Determined to become economically affluent, he accepts cases that colleagues shun, and with his business acumen and appetite […]

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This Coffee

I have a new wonder drug- blend a tablespoon each butter and coconut oil into a cup of hot coffee.  Add the sweetener of your choice.  Believe me.  It’s good. It’s okay if you have to reheat the coffee your husband made this morning while you were at the doctor’s office getting your 3 hour […]

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