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Grannytea’s Rolls

There are the national Thanksgiving culinary traditions, such as the turkey and the pumpkin pie, but then each individual clan across the nation adds the little personal touch of our family has THIS thing, every single year, or it isn’t really Thanksgiving. The Common Room clan has pretzel salad and chex mix and GJ’s rolls, [...]

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George and Martha Visit The Equuschick

You remember George and Martha, yes? Of course you do. Because no self-respecting reader of the Common Room could neglect George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends, those two lovable hippos and their many adventures. There is one particular George and Martha tale, from which original collection The Equuschick now can’t recall, [...]

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Happy Birthdays All Round

Today the Dread Pirate Grasshopper turns 5. He shares a party with his Aunt Pipsqueak tomorrow. Today his newest baby sister is one week old. Her bloggy name shall be the Firefly. Last but not least, today it appears is the 60th birthday of Ruby Bridges. If you don’t know who she is, may The [...]

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Wild Child

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How to Have a Happily Fermented Family

(There probably was a better blog title out there somehow, but this is the one The Equuschick likes.) To Get Your Small Children to Take Kefir- Depending on how strong your kefir is or how brave your children are, you may not have much trouble. The Ladybug was always fond of it in fresh fruit [...]

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This is, in one way, a shameless plug.

But in another way, it really isn’t, because in spite of the fact that The Equuschick hasn’t posted for months since her laptop broke, she is now on the HG’s laptop and she got on to do some pretty serious business, but she can’t because all she has in her head right now is Frog [...]

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In Which The Equuschick May Have Exercised a Certain Lack of Discernment

The Equuschick started reading Gentle Ben (Puffin Modern Classics) to the Dread Pirate Grasshopper at bedtime. The reading it has proved to be a good idea, not so much the before bedtime. It seems The Equuschick hasn’t read it in while and she forget certain details, like people drowning. He was a bit upset. Heh. [...]

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The FYG Needs Prayers

The beautiful, talented, athletic and very very BUSY FYG went ice skating and fell and broke two bones in her leg in multiple places this afternoon. She is on her way with the HM and DHM to a hospital about an hour north, for surgery asap. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as [...]

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Road Trips with Littles

Ya’ll may recall this post from two weeks ago. Actually, in spite of the “and occassionaly even enjoy them” line, The Equuschick usually does enjoy them. But sometimes the baby is teething and has a stuffy nose and your neck gets stiff trying to nurse the baby in the carseat, Human Gumbydoll Style. But really, [...]

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As Christmas Day came to a close The Equuschick and Shasta took to the children to the hill in town where Shasta used to sled when he was but a small tot. The Dread Pirate Grasshopper had great fun sledding. The Ladybug went up and down the massive hill once or twice and then was [...]

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