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Brainy Fridays: Scriptures for Busybrains and Briefly- Do YOU have a Hoarding Busybrain, Too?

This is likely to be the last Brainy Friday post until after the new year. This is The Equuschick and Shasta’s turn to go to his mom’s for Christmas and this always makes an already busy time of year even busier, so though she may be popping in throughout the holidays as inspiration does or […]

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Brainy Fridays: Siblings Launching Siblings

At least as far as the definitions used by The Equuschick for her own messy purposes, The Equuschick has one Busy-Brained Boy and one very Calm-brained little girl. (Well,she has two little girls actually, but the Bumblebee is only 10 mos. The jury should stay out on these things for quite some time.) What does […]

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Brainy Fridays: A Brief Miscellaneous Message

First of all, The Equuschick must share that the Dread Pirate Grasshopper and herself are onThe Silver Chair Book 4 of the Chronicles of Narnia now and she is introducing him to Puddleglum the Marshwiggle, and this makes her practically GIDDY. It is like feeding your children an entire box of chocolates, but without the […]

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Brainy Fridays: Case Study in the Necessity for Inhibitory Control & Parental Detection

So this is terribly embarrassing, and The Equuschick was sorely tempted to just put this up here and pretend it had been here All Along. (“What, what do you mean you didn’t see a Brainy Fridays post until 5:24 pm?”) But the fact of the matter is that The Equuschick was just organized enough to […]

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Brainy Fridays: Brainy Bible Reading

There actually isn’t a great deal to be said on this subject that hasn’t already been said elsewhere. The same principles that apply to all other areas of learning apply to daily Bible reading with the littles, it is just that we are so afraid of doing that one wrong that we take ourselves a […]

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