Ace’s take on Covington kids and media attacks

ace is on fire and you should read him that is all-


Or just go start at the top and read while you scroll down and keep reading.

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Yeah, Planned Parenthood does sell baby body parts

A few weeks ago the 5th circuit slapped back at a lower court ruling in favour of Planned Parenthood. Among many other things they rejected the biased and unsupported claims that videos of PP staff discussing selling fetal body parts and tissue were deceptively edited.

  1. Most of the media had previously passed on the deceptive editibg claim without question. Have any of them apologized or reported this ruling accurately?


Fifth Circuit drops bombshell on Planned Parenthood — and the national media

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He stole my narrative!

Professional activist and frequent…. exaggerater Nathan Phillips is angry with the minor boy he targeted for several reasons, but one is expressly because the boy says that he…. prayed.

“He stole my narrative,” Phillips accused. “From the time I hit that first beat of the drum until I hit the last beat, I was in prayer. Now all of a sudden, he’s the prayer guy and the passive one.”

Um. Phillips approached that kid, not the other way around. Phillips beat his drum in the kid’s face, not the other way around. All the boy did was stand where he was and smile.  That does indeed make him the passive one.

‘He stole my narrative.’
This is a grown up (who is probably not, by the way, a Viet Nam vet, and definitely not a recon ranger cause there isn’t any such thing).  He is talking about a boy who did nothing and said nothing to him except stand where he was standing, waiting for his bus,  and smile as a grown up came up to him and beat a drum in his face while that man’s grandson screamed insults at him and his friends.

‘He stole my narrative.’

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This is not okay.

This is a photograph of a heavy, strong male holding female down, immoblizing her against her will in front of approving school administrators.  In the name of progress, diversity, and tolerance.

Believing this is okay, or God help us, even an admirable thing, is the worse sort of gaslighting. It’s vile.  This is a boy and a girl, not two girls.

That boy has been badly served by his community, his family, his health care providers.  He did not get the sort of help he really deserved and needed.  He is being harmed.  And so are the girls he competes against in wrestling.

South Dakota is considering a bill to stop this kind of thing.  It’s horrific that we need a law.

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Tidbits in the news

CNN’s Jim Accosta is not a reporter, not a journalist.  He is an activist and a fabulist.  Seriously, he is an increasing embarrassment to anybody who takes him seriously.

Read this and see why.


Hoke was right.   The church organization where he served as an elder is the equivalent of the worst of the seven churches of Revelation.

 NY Times Reveals FBI Retaliated Against Trump For Comey Firing

This is not fishy at all. 

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