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Random Middle of the Night Thoughts

Simone Biles is still in a class of her own, and she has earned the right to call the shots on her career and her participation, especially when people change the rules on her midway. I admire this girl so much. Abby the Spoon Lady is rocking my night. Here she is with some other […]

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War With Korea, 1871, Part VII

Previously   On the tenth of June, 1871, at 10 a.m. the expedition of retaliation began.  The Americans had decided to pursue a humane policy of attacking only the forts, not the civilian population or sites. They moved on, an expedition of two steamlaunches, several ships, 22 boats, several hundred men,  and an array of […]

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War with Korea in 1871, Part VI

Mr. Low and Rear Admiral Rodgers decided the Koreans had “declared the attitude they intend to take toward us, and that it becomes us to reply to them as frankly in the same way.” They believed failure to retaliate firmly would cause a ‘loss of prestige’ to all westerners in the East, and would cause […]

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The 1871 War with Korea, part V

It has been a while since I last posted about this story.  Nobody asked me about it and I figured that meant nobody was interested, and this is probably true.  But I was discussing this with a friend recently and she was interested and wanted a written copy to share with another friend who would […]

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