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A Heartwarming Opportunity for a Humble-Brag

I haven’t been crocheting anything lately, which feels weird. For a couple years it was a compulsion. I couldn’t stop making tiny little critters and itty itty pumpkins via crochet.   It seriously was not that much different from a drug. And then, I just quit. I would like to take it up again, but I […]

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History: Homeschool Warrior and Pioneer

The African-American March in Homeschooling By Raymond Moore About the time talk was spreading that our black brothers and sisters were indifferent to home education, I had the delightful experience of meeting Helen Jackson …in court. The talk was rampant that Blacks feared home education was being used as an excuse for separating Blacks and […]

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Hyperfocus: “Hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. In some individuals, various subjects or topics may also include daydreams, concepts, fiction, the imagination, and other objects of the mind. Hyperfocus on a certain subject can cause side-tracking away from assigned or important tasks.” […]

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Sea Shanties are in for 2021!!

I am pretty excited about that.  If you are of the tik-tok generation, this is ancient news, really, really OLD stuff, but I prefer not to see time passing by as though we had the lifespan of fruitflies. In December a young Scottish man named Nathan Evans posted a video of himself singing a sea […]

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K-drama, C-Drama

I kind of dropped Turkish dramas just because they are way too long.  I still like the ones I watched- light, rom-commy stuff.  I dabbled in a couple more serious ones, and disliked them immensely. BTW, there is going to be no order at all in this post.  We will take things as they come […]

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