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More Black Poetry

Louise Curran on black poets:

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Carter G. Woodson, Father of Black History

For children about six to 10 (or older, I thoroughly enjoyed it), you simply must read the McKissack’s engaging biography, Carter G. Woodson, The Father of Black History Pero daglo Dagbovie has a 280 something page book or resource online here, Willing to SAcrifice.  I am struggling with reading long text online, so I am not […]

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Poetry a Necessity Against Materialism

IF fairies and flowers are necessary to the growth of a child’s spirit, poetry is not a luxury and it is more than a recreation for leisure hours. It is a necessity, like fresh air and sunshin,e and it is the necessity of poetry and of the cultivation of the poetic spirit that requires recognition […]

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The Little Fish That Would Not Do as It Was Bid

I came across this in a Victorian poetry book for children and had to laugh. The Victorians certainly had different ideas about raising children, didn’t they? The Little Fish That Would Not Do as It Was Bid by Ann Taylor “Dear Mother,” said a little fish, “Pray is not that a fly? I’m very hungry, […]

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I am currently without a phone and I’m super frustrated. The last episode in this stupid drama of my stupid life is that I was attempting to switch simcards from a working phone that won’t charge because of a bad charge port to a deactivated phone that was going to be activated as soon as […]

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