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Acronyms are White Supremacy

Who is going to tell BIPOC community and the NAACP that their acronyms stem from white supremecy? I know it gets old saying you can’t make this stuff up, but really, not in my wildest dreams could I ever have mocked anybody to this degree. Spot the bizarre self-own: “Now the art department of the […]

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William Stanley Braithwaite, Poet, anthologist

His parents were black but lightskinned enough on both sides that some of his family had been able to pass for white (how often they did, I don’t know). On his mother’s side, one of the grandmothers had been a skave. On his father’s side they were from the West Indies, and his father studied […]

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Black History Month

Carter G. Woodson, a brilliant black educator, historian, and author, is the founder of the idea of setting aside a period of time in February specifically for the study of black history. He set aside Negro History Week in 1926. He chose February because February is the birth month of Abraham Lincoln and the month […]

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