Behind the Covid Curtain

This is a book review I shared a few years back. Lately, the stories I keep hearing about how our elderly in care centers and nursing homes, Swann’s tale keeps coming back to haunt me.

Her book feels less like dystopian fiction and more like current events.

You might want to pick it up if you haven’t already. Or maybe not.

The Planner, by Alexandra Swann (if you’ve been homeschooling a few decades you remember when Alexandra and her 9 siblings graduated from college with master’s degrees in their mid teens at the latest). There’s a sequel which I haven’t read: The Chosen

My take on the first one, which I have read. I enjoyed it, although I also found it chilling. It was a good read, clear writing, and I like dystopian fiction, which this was. It was a little heavy on the expository stuff and my eyes glazed over in a couple paragraphs with too many statistics. The main characters were well written, 3 dimensional, realistic, believable. The ‘bad guys’ were cardboard. A lot of stuff about Agenda 21. If you agree with the politics you’ll love it. If you’re a little skeptical about them, I think you’ll still enjoy it. If you’re a fan of greater government control, you will hate it or think it ridiculous. Some of the events were a little rushed, I thought, but I could also understand why that might be necessary for the story she needed to tell. That also means that the narrative didn’t drag (except, for me at least, in the expository sections on policy and statistics).

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  1. Frances
    Posted November 24, 2020 at 11:30 pm | Permalink

    Just stopping by to wish you and the Cherub a good Thanksgiving, and to any of your family who may be sharing!

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