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Milton On Gluttony (and other ills)

In Milton’s Paradise Lost, towards the end (book 11), Michael the Archangel, tells Adam of the punishments to come to mankind, and here he focuses on illnesses and causes of death: Some, as thou saw’st, by violent stroke shall die, By Fire, Flood, Famin, by Intemperance more In Meats and Drinks, which on the Earth shall bring Diseases dire, […]

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Behind the Covid Curtain

This is a book review I shared a few years back. Lately, the stories I keep hearing about how our elderly in care centers and nursing homes, Swann’s tale keeps coming back to haunt me. Her book feels less like dystopian fiction and more like current events. You might want to pick it up if […]

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Educational goals

HEre are some goals worth our aspiration: attention interest literary style wide vocabulary love of books readiness in speaking How do you measure them? They can readily be seen, but not in mass. You can’t devise any sort of test for 400 children to get through in an hour by which they can demonstrate these […]

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Quick kitchen hacks

Make your life around the kitchen easier with these 6 microwave hacksBy Blossom — Tips & Tricks (@awkwardgoogle) January 6, 2019 Stuff like- a killer hot fudge brownie recipe in a mug, if you need to peel a tomato, score the root end with an x, microwave 20 seconds, peel carefully, or to peel […]

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Science and CM

Qite often our education system, and those of us influenced by that system whether we know it or not, reduce education, especially science education, down to something utilitarian.  It is only important insofar as we can ‘use’ it, for school, for jobs, and of late, sometimes for political battering rams.  We don’t care about the […]

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