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Do you know who Bobulinski is?

If you don’t know, question your news sources. Fox News’ Bret Baier challenges WaPo writer Dana Milbank on what it means to be a journalist: via @BIZPACReview “Dana-we are covering a story not hawking anything. The business partner said what he said – he said he met w/ Joe Biden. Joe Biden said he […]

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The 1619 project didn’t deserve a Pulitzer

Scholarly article on flaws in the 1619 project and the revisionism of its author and promoter. More here: “As the person who broke the story about the NYT’s textual deletions from the 1619 Project, I’ll offer a few thoughts on this response from the paper in the thread below.” (Source:

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Musings and Rambles

Milk chocolate is so mild it’s nearly insipid. No point to it. This was an interesting podcast on poetry and the gospel. Gingersnaps and pumpkin cream cheese spread together are fabulous. I think reincarnation as a concept is just lame, a copout in a story and dreary and horrifying to contemplate in real life (even […]

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Keep your Paper and Ink, hardcopy, printed dictionaries.

The word police are in full force. Within the last two years, Biden and RBG are on record using the term ‘sexual preferences.’. It’s in numerous nondiscrimination clauses. But during her confirmation hearings ACB used it and was rebuked by the inept Senator from Hawaii and told it was an offensive term. Within 24 hours […]

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Kamala Harris is in favor of banning fracking You may think this is a good thing, and that’s fine, but she and Biden have been flip flopping on this point, so clearly, they know it isn’t a popular thing. #KamalaHarris is a bald-faced liar. Here is the video proof. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) October 8, 2020 — mikeC (@mikeAtMidpush) October […]

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