More Turkish Dramas

Cute Dangerous- you can watch it on Youtube. It’s a movie, not a series.  As a baby, Zelis is kidnapped by an unscrupulous business man who needs a daughter for inheritance purposes. Instrumental in the kidnapping is the unwitting Zadok, a street child of maybe 8 or 9. He grows up to be a thief with a heart of gold and a lot of regret over the kidnapping (think the movie Aladdin for the kind of thief he is) she grows up a wealthy, poor little rich girl.  They accidentally meet. The story was cute, and there is a lot of humour in it, done rather tongue in cheek with just the right amount of cheek.  Very charming.

Afili Ask- my drama catnip- the secret contract marriage essentially between strangers who, of course, fall head over heels.  This is about 38 episodes, each episode is over 2 hours, so it’s a long term commitment, but really, this one is rather special.  It may spoil you for others.

Aishe is a very good girl who is trying to do what her older brothers want her to do (their father has died), but they decide she needs to marry this guy from the neighbourhood (‘The Area” which is a rough place) who has crushed on her since grade school.  She hates him.  But through a series of misunderstandings and the machinations of the middle brother who is a bit of a trickster and is debt to the guy’s family, the oldest brother thinks it’s really best for her.  She ends up climbing out her window and hiding out in the factory where she works.  The womanizing son of the factory owner has just been through a come to Allah moment because of his womanizing, a woman nearly dies of a self inflicted overdose, his father chews him out- not for the first time, but the first time something he says gets through to the son and he comes face to face with himself and is ashamed.  He happens to go to the factory as well to spend time alone coming to grips with himself and committing to live a new life.  Of course they run into each other.  They visit for a while and he actually gives her some good advice for how to get out of the marriage and promises his father will help protect her and find an apartment for her so she can work and go to school.  In the course of the conversation he tells her maybe she has been too good, and that’s why her brother is forcing her to marry, he thinks she can’t take care of herself, and she hasn’t stood up against him enough before.  Maybe she should be bad and selfish once in a while, he says.

So then, when her brothers and all their friends from the hood show up at the factory to collect her, and they find her alone with this man…. She decides to take Kerem’s advice, apologizing to him, she tells her brothers that she can’t marry the man they picked, because she and Kerem have been seeing each other for a long time and things have gone further than they should and she loves him….

And so it begins.  She does regret it just a day or two later when things have settled down, but by then he’s on board for reasons of his own, and it gets harder and harder to pull back, and so we have our drama, or a Turkish dizi, I think they are called.

One family gets counseling for their funny, but really too rage filled fights and issues, and there’s a lot of good stuff about getting help when you need it.  Aishe, the lead female, is her own person, innocent, naive, but not an idiot.  She wants some independence and a college education, but she wants to keep her very traditional, patriarchal family, too (family is two brothers, a sister in law, the mother, and a niece).  There’s more respect for women than typical without being the usual double standard that happens when people try to make a movie overthrowing the patriachy.   The characters are special, the unfolding of their quirks and secret hurts is believable.  There is the usual annoying female who won’t give up to the point of being insane and that was aggravating, but her machinations rarely did anything but make the couple stronger and more in love than ever. There’s a terrific bromance with a lot of comedy in the second male lead. There are characters who fail spectacularly, repent and get up again.  It’s not perfect, but it is very well done and I enjoyed the characters, the actors, and the general story.



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