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If you missed the debate…

Your blood pressure is probably fine. If you’re not worried and you are interested, the whole thing is here. The actual debate begins at 5;38. If you want to start with Chris Wallace sharing the rules and so forth at around 3:55. The first 12 minutes isn’t too bad.

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Change the tax code

Trump’s $750 payment  was an *additional* payment on top of millions already paid, which is in the NY T article if you look. So any newsource claiming that’s all he paid has just done you the favor of telling you they are sloppy and unreliable . It is not smart to pay more than you […]

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The most pro-life president in my lifetime

Somebody tried to tell me Trump was not pro-life, he is just probirth. I don’t know why a Christian is supposed to feel dissed by that. I’d rather babies be born than murdered, and it isn’t really my responsibility to fix all the problems caused by people choosing sex without be willing to accept consequences […]

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Twilight here, daylight across the street

Kind of a metaphor for life, in some ways.

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Nominating a S.C. Justice in an election year

29 times in this country’s history a vacant has occurred on the Supreme Court during an election year. Every single time the President in office has made a nomination to the Supreme Court. How many times were those nominations confirmed? All but twice when the Senate was controlled by the same party as the President. […]

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