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Somebody asked me about multicultural or diversity in picture study (a Charlotte Mason practice). Those interested in the topic might like this.

I’m sharing the above because I like clever, innovative, hacks that people come up with.  I am not posting to have an argument about whether or not schools should reopen (I don’t have an opinion), teachers need to do this stuff (not interested in discussing it), whose fault anything is about this, just how dystopian are we anyway, etc.  I realize that kids might poke holes in it with their pencils, write rude words with permanent markers and otherwise make it pain.  But this could also be used in Sunday school classrooms or afterschool tutoring services, or just during flu season in general and most I thought it was clever of the teacher, but I can’t find the original.

The WAPO settled with the minor child, Nicholas Sandmann, whom they lied about and defamed and generally threw to the wolves over a few lies and misrepresentations without checking any actual facts.  Sometime later I’ll maybe tell you what I really thing of national media doing this kind of garbage to some teenage kids who are not remotely celebrities and should not have been targeted at all, let alone doxed.

Bernell Trammell (also sometimes spelled Tremmel, but that may be a typo)- a colourful Rastafarian street preacher, Trump supporter, and bookstore owner in Milwaukee was shot dead in front of his shop this last week.  As of now, there is no word on who or why.  Of course people wonder about the Trump support. More about him here, including an interview he did the day of his death:

Retracted Covid papers– around 2 dozen.


Steele’s primary sub-source worked for leftist think-tank and RussiaGate hoax pusher Brookings Institute.  Read it all.  Think about how much energy, time, attention, and financial resources this particular witch-hunt and fake narrative has been sucking from us all, like a voratious vampire, for the last four years.  It’s infuriating.


Lemon and Cuomo cannot tell the difference between an IQ test and an accuity test- a simple sort of thing that helps detect a decline in mental agility, problem solving skills.  They mock Trump about it and then almost immediately Lemon can’t tell the difference between a rhino and a hippo sillhouette (he says it’s because he’s looking at it backward. But he wasn’t, he had the paper face up and then flipped it over to talk about it while showing it to Cuomo). It’s pathetically silly, but it’s their rules.


Why the ‘burbs matter.


Lot of interesting headlines and news links here.

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  1. Michele Elliott
    Posted July 27, 2020 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    Yes! Those are the pictures. I printed them but lost all my info about them. Thank you SO much 🙂

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