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Shut down also costs lives

“”These financial losses have been falsely portrayed as purely economic,” wrote the four professors in The Hill on Monday. “To the contrary … we calculate that these policies will cause devastating non-economic consequences that will total millions of accumulated years of life lost in the United States, far beyond what the virus itself has caused.” […]

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Small Town Living

Property Taxes came due.  We still own the Rattery.  It has done nothing but cost us money, ever, but we still own it.  IT has cost us a lot of money this last 18 months in particular.  I am hopeful we can get a reliable renter in soon. Meanwhile, I had to pay the property […]

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More on the Ahmaud Arbery Case

McMichaels, the ex-cop who spear-headed the two car, at least 2 guns, three man car chase of jogger Ahmaud Arbery, was forced into retirement because he  lost power to make arrests after skipping use-of-force training. The same office that found it appropriate to refer to Arbery’s bringing a gun to a high school basketball game (and […]

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Hither, Thither, This & That

I got a call from my incarcerated godson, which made my day.  He gets to call his mom once a week, and she patches in a third person on the call. His voice is deep, and he now sports a very southern accent (they moved down south).  He says I have written him fifty letters […]

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What if…

Just thought I’d repost this tweet about the few people who recognized from the start that the Imperial College/Neil Ferguson model was trash—we were mocked by Left and Right as “armchair epidemiologists.” We were right @JordanSchachtel — Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) May 17, 2020

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