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Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Squirrels are the bane of my life now because I have two bird- feeders that feed far more squirrels than birds. One of them is the kind of feeder you attach to your window with suction cups. The squirrels climb up there no matter what I have done, and often end up knocking it loose. […]

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Garlic Fried Rice

These are the ingredients you need: 6 cups leftover white rice (fried rice is better with cold leftover rice, preferably not sweet or glutinous rice). 1 head garlic crushed, yes, the whole head. 4 tablespoons cooking oil 1 teaspoon salt A good recipe here. It’s simple, but delicious. It makes a great side-dish or a […]

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Ramen Fritters, suitable for pandemic or quarantine cooking

One of the biggest frustrations for cooks in this Corona Virus quarantine is the quirky results of shopping trips. You never know what ingredients you’re actually going to receive when you place your order. That calls for recipes with flexible ingredients, and ramen fritters, while not haute cuisine, are tasty, comforting, cheap, and incredibly flexible. […]

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Grocery Shopping in the Time of Pandemic

Curbside pick up ordering, the TLDR version: Make a rough draft of your basic shopping list- this is not the time for finicky recipes. This is the time to shop ingredients and prepare loosely organized, flexible meals (and a couple comfort treats if they are in the budget. Choose your pickup time, morning preferred, even […]

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Thou, God, Seest Me

Mostly, I am fine. We are all well, and we are all quarantining. I haven’t seen UnoWho, nor he his daughter, in over a month. Checks are automatically deposited, but there is not automation for doing fatherly things like dropping off a package of bananas or texting to ask how she’s doing. I requested she […]

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