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Sheltering in Place

The Cherub and I have been hunkered down for a while now, because she’s high risk, and she can’t tell me when she doesn’t feel good, and she pretty much always is coughing or sneezing for various reasons. She had a constantly running nose that I now suspect was a potato allergy.  At least, I […]

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Home-made cloth masks work

According to this study: What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks? And here are some tips for no-sew masks: They aren’t suitable for use in a hospital and probably not for use if you are home with somebody you know likely has the China virus. but for general going shopping, home-use, it’s an […]

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The difference between a drug used for Malaria and Fish Bowl Cleaner

Media reporting is beyond irresponsible and dishonest. “Man dies after taking malaria medication touted by Trump as possible cure for coronavirus”   People, the man did not take the malaria medication hydroxychloroquine, which Trump did not suggest should be taken without a doctor’s oversight, obviously. He took FISH BOWL CLEANER (chloroquine phosphate). The fish […]

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These are the reasons Pelosi and Dems are holding up relief bill

For solar panels and new facilities for NOA, for strengthening Unions, for NASA, for reducing airline emissions (they are reduced good and hard right now), for funding for the IRS… and more. None of these things have a place in this relief bill.  Congress should go without pay until a clean bill is produced. It’s […]

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China virus stuff, more on masks

This is interesting.  The article is from just a couple days ago, but note this timeline: Minnesota-based company 3M has doubled its production of coronavirus-protecting N95 respirator masks over the last two months – to a rate of more than 1.1 billion a year, or almost 100 million a month, according to a report. They doubled their […]

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