China: Who Can Help?

Here are some links about the Corona virus, and I am not sharing them because I am personally worried about the virus in America, I am not. I am worried about the people in China and other totalitarian governments (LIke North Korea). It’s heartbreaking. Over the last year I’ve probably read half a dozen solid books on life in North Korea, including the famine of the 90s, and my heart is sore for these dear ones who have no reprieve, who are killed for being caught praying, who often don’t even know what prayer is for or who Jesus is as the lock down on religion has been more successful than that against the virus.
The Corona virus is still far and away from most of us reading this. Pour that same energy spent worrying about this virus into praying for the people of China, North Korea, Hong Kong, and other places. Pray for our hearts and eyes be open to opportunities to help in some way. Woman wails for help from her apartment balcony in China: ““My husband is dying! Help! Can somebody come? Help! Sorry, I don’t want to harass you, but I really don’t know what to do, Who can help?””

80 cities quarantined. College dorms converted to hospital wards.

Citizen journalist who was asking questions about the virus has gone missing in China:

Who can help? Dear Lord, who can help?

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  1. K Wilde
    Posted February 10, 2020 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

    This help was sent about a week ago. A large shipment of protective medical gear was sent to a children’s hospital because there was no more left to be found. As the people and especially those who lead China experience and see what unselfish compassion look like, many hearts will be softened to the truths that teach that compassion and caring. Then more liberty will exist for the people. Isaiah saw this present day and that change from captivity to liberty. (I’m thinking of Isaiah chapters 51 and 52) It has happened in many previously communist countries before and can happen for people in China, too. It is so sad to see the present difficulties – I hope things get easier soon for their families.

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