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Cute Movie

Chinese Drama/Movie, called Finding Mr. Right 2 is available at Amazon Prime, and it’s a sweetie of a picture show.  It’s not G rated, maybe PG-13- no nudity and no real violence, but a lead character does sleep with somebody and there’s a discussion about love vs sex. The lead female is a gambler with […]

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Internal monologue

Mind blown.  Not everybody has an internal monologue.  There are people who do not think in words and sentences- not just people who were born deafand not given sign language until years later, not just people brought up by wolves who don’t speak to their children.  I can’t even. Read this to see, if you […]

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Cowper and Letter Writing

For many, many years a very dear friend of mine (probably my longest and most continual friend) used to treat me to hand-written letters on a regular basis.  She was, I think, trying to revive the art, and often waxed eloquent as she explained why the internet should not be permitted to be the death […]

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Letter Writing

I had a bunch of cute stationary, and in that collection was some I made myself with rubber stamps and coloured papers.  But in the last year when I was madly purging everything for the move to Malaysia, that stationary went to a thrift shop.  I wasn’t going to be using it in Malaysia, and […]

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Having relieved some feelings temporarily at least by the previous post, I saw Little Women.  I loved it with a couple minor caveats.  But why is nobody else mentioning that bird picture on the wall?  I want it.  Anybody else?

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