Things I’d Like to Say

I’d like to tell you that the knot on the front of my ankle, that raises, swollen (throbbing, but you can’t see that) spot about 4inches long and two inches wide, is where I got kicked by a horse, or even a small pony.

But that would not be the truth.  The truth is, I got kicked by a reclining chair.  I was trying to get things done in the Common Room, which is always aroom full of books and papers and writing utensils, all of which The Cherub loves to tear, rip, and scribble on furniture and walls with, respectively.  So I put the Cherub in a reclining chair and then for reasons unknown* I stood in front of it while I pushed the lever to raise the footrest (this keeps her in the chair longer making it easier to keep her out of trouble).  That chair packs a wallop.

*Okay, the reasons are not unknown.  The reasons are I was stupid and acted without foresight.

I’d like to tell you how great my diet is going but the truth is I’m stress eating like monkey in a candy factory, and I can tell by the fit of my clothes.

I’d like to tell you that I have finished sorting and purging and there’s a single room in the house I could call done.

But we all know where liars go. (Washington D.C.)

I have, however, found some origami books I’d been missing for at least five years, a bag full of lavendar buds that I can use for sachets in my suitcases (I have lavendar oil to freshen them), a few missing Mother Goose books, a framed picture of a scene from Beatrix Potter’s Appley Dappley nursery rhymes that I had been missing, a thousand other things I wasn’t missing at all and which are now on the floor waiting to go in the trash (that’s how many times I missed the trash when I threw them), and a handy clear zippered compartment thing that is just the thing I wanted for packing some toiletries for Malaysia and I did not know I owned it… and various and sundry other things.

I’ve nearly completed a free online course on cultural intelligence (in a week), have learned 27 Malaysia words if they are on Quizlet, am half way done with another Korean course and one on Shakespeare, and I have refreshed my soul thumbing through a Brandywine River Museum booklet.

I’ve also catalogued about 500 books that didn’t get added to my previous catalog efforts and made headway on a better organization scheme.

In family news- there are now 14 grandchildren, with a 15th on the way.

Pip had to put down the Donovan dog, brought home from the shelter where her sister Equuschick worked 13 years ago when he was a puppy who still had his milk teeth.  She saved him from Parvo that first year, and he’s had a grand life. He had heart failure this week, and we are all grieving, including Pip’s oldest child, which is hard.

And the FYG is getting married in May.  We’ll be coming back early from Malaysia to see that happen. We were coming home for the summer in June, but we had to move it up a bit.


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