Canada’s Prime-Minister has been caught dressing up in black-face several times, and that terribly long ago, either. I am so tired of this stuff coming out about people on the left and the response is “well, it was a different time…” I graduated high school in 1980. I don’t think I ever saw anybody do black face, and I know I never did. Because it was a different time I would not have used words like hurtful or insensitive to describe it. I probably would have said it was grody to the max, though.

We’ve all heard now of the guy in his 20s who managed to get on television during a game with a sign asking for money to his go-fund-me to fill his beer budget. People were so amused they sent him lots and lots of money, and instead of quietly keeping it, he donated it to help kids with cancer. The beer company volunteered to match his donations, so people donated more and kids with cancer got blessed and we definitely cannot have that, So The Des Moines Register searched his background and found a few rude tweets from when he was a minor (he was quoting a movie) and called the beer company to ask if they really wanted to be associated with this racist garbage, let the young man know they were going public with it all, stopped the flow of money to kids with cancer, and then when the public backlash blew up in their faces, they blamed…. the kid for what they had done. They still aren’t really admitting fault.

There are many more examples of this trash.

Remy from Reason has his finger on the pulse of cancel culture, and he gives it the scorn and guffaws it deserves- in rhyme:

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