ABC aired footage from Kentucky, claiming it was Syria & Other Media Malfeasance

ABC news, eager to blame Trump for anything and everything, aired a story, complete with footage, of how Trump pulling out of Syria resulted in a terrifying battle .  Only… ABC has no correspondents on the ground there.  And the footage they aired turns out not to be from Syria at all.  It was two year old footage of an annual gun show event in Kentucky.  ABC regrets the error.

Well. This is certainly awkward for ABC news. Ponder just how many other times they likely have pulled a similar stunt, resulting in careless complacency this sloppy.
Consider how on Earth this is just an error. Somebody had to pull this footage from the gun range website, crop and edit it to remove the hundreds of spectators and their phones, and then choose to claim it’s footage from a battle in Syria, with details about this fictional battle. But it was an ‘error.’

ABC aired the footage on more than one news program, every time claiming it showed Turkey bombing a border-town.  They credited the video as ‘footage obtained by ABC News.’

In fact, it appears it was footage they lazily lifted from a tweet posted by a Turkish politician.  Technically, one could say it’s true that they ‘obtained it.’  But let’s remember that, like ‘anonymous sources’, footage ‘obtained by’ the media could mean anything at all, and would it have been given the same weight if they had been more honest and said, “Footage obtained from the twitter account of a Turkish politician?”

Furthermore, that politician is apparently known as a conspiracy theorist, internet troll, and disinformation on his social media.  ABC won’t explain how or why they obtained it from his account nor why they didn’t admit that to begin with.  They are still saying it ‘appeared to be’ from Syria, although it obviously did not, since they were caught flatfooted within minutes.

In releated news, Project Veritas is releasing a pretty telling expose of CNN

Part 1  Zucker tells CNN to focus on impeachment to the cost of other news.  Another CNN employee admits Zucker has a personal vendetta against Trump, and more.

Part 2, stuff like CNN’s Evan Perez privately admits that Biden and his son are doing the same stuff they are accusing Trump of, and it’s a problem for all politicians, not just Trump.

A CNN insider reveals that CNN picks the winners and losers before the debates (I’m not voting for either of them but what the media is doing to Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard is infuriating.  They are not news, but propaganda organizations).

The guy who asked what was likely a planted question at Warren’s town hall was a maxed out donor to Warren’s campaign- which CNN failed to disclose.

The Wapo has since corrected it, but they recently published a story saying not to trust any Dem candidate who isn’t in favor of Nuclear power, and claiming strongly that only Biden fit this criteria.  In fact, Yang and Booker both do.  Seriously.  Out of ten candidates, how much time did they spend doing any research at all to make such a pro-Biden error?

Does anybody really think this was the only photo they could find of the ten Democrats at the debate?  Yang’s face is literally hidden by the Irish guy’s arm.

Tusi Gabbard gets the media black-out treatment as well.

The media uproar over a meme based on Kingsman movie.

Fox Polling isn’t very accurate


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