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Psychopath or Cool Guy?

Women like men who are confident and know the right thing to say.  Unfortunately, psychopaths tick both those boxes. This is why our great-grandparents warned that you should watch how a man treats his mother, the hired help, waitresses- people he doesn’t need to impress- especially when he doesn’t realize you’re watching.

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Debunking Howard Zinn

I knew he was pretty worthless as a historian, and that by his own admission he didn’t care much if he was accurate or not.  But he was really dishonest.  Also here.

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I’m reading an article on manners, published in 1902 in England. A story is told of a gentleman who had been sitting by Duchess A, and he left the conversation and went to talk to Duchess B. Later on he told a friend that he had to leave Duchess A because the fire was intolerably […]

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Free Speech

How Twitter and FB are silencing political speech they don’t like. Group threatens theaters for showing a political play and suggests they might have to get out the guillotine if a local church airs a documentary about Jordan Peterson. Guess which end of the political spectrum they fall on? “Earlier this year an anonymous threat […]

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Canada’s Prime-Minister has been caught dressing up in black-face several times, and that terribly long ago, either. I am so tired of this stuff coming out about people on the left and the response is “well, it was a different time…” I graduated high school in 1980. I don’t think I ever saw anybody do […]

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