The Modern Book Burners

Rod Dreher has a good post to read here.

Instapundit has a screenshot of the tweet a woke teacher proudly posted of books in dumpsters.

Y’all.   This is not new.  Over 20 years ago in Nebraska school libraries were purging their libraries the same way- they weren’t allowed to sell the books or give them away.  The reason I knew about it is because an acquaintance and fellow homeschooler was also a sort of itinerant teacher- he taught one of the subjects that had been cut back so far the schools no longer paid a full time salary- they paid enough to have somebody come in and teach the subject 2-4 times a month.  He loved his subject and thought it was important for kids, and he needed the income so he got hired on by several schools and just sort of traveled around all week, teaching at one school, then another.  He was a cool, interesting guy with stories to tell an dhe was a good listener, so people had stories to tell him.  He and his wife had purchased an old school building and moved into it.  They lived in one of those itty bitty midwestern towns that stays alive by sheer grit and community spirit, even when the state takes away their schools and post office.  They staged music shows and plays for the community in their school/house, and they kept the school library open and checked out books to the public.

More than once, school librarians would quietly tell him what was happening and offer to pass their books on to him.  His wife told me it was wild, like some drug deal.  He’d pull up late at night and they’d quietly load the books in his pick up truck, cover them with a tarp, and he’d bring them home and they’d stock their library shelves.

I checked out books from their private library, and they had stickers from school libraries all around that part of the state.

Twenty years ago.


Five years ago my husband was working in our local schools and he found the same thing happening, and not all the staff were happy about it.  The school librarian quietly set aside books marked for destruction for him and he brought them home or to our eldest daughter for rescue.

We need people who don’t hate western Civilization on the school boards, in the classrooms, in the administration.


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