Remains of over 2,000 aborted babies found in Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s Illinois Garage

Ulrich Klopfer operated multiple legal abortion clinics in Illinois and Northern Indiana, including North Bend, Fort Wayne, and Gary. For decades he performed more abortions than anybody else in Indiana, possibly more than all others in Indiana combined.
In 1990, he lost his license to practice medicine in Illinois because he failed to renew his license. He continued to practice in INdiana (and possibly still in Illinois). In Indiana he lost his license in 2016 because he performed an illegal abortion on two 13 year old children and failed to report the child victims of assault as required to authorities. By performing a secret abortion on the 13 year old victims, he was actually hiding the evidence of crimes against them and enabling the abusers to continue their abuse, to get away with his crime. This is a common factor at abortion clinics, he wasn’t unique.
Other violations include: properly qualified staff for patient sedation, staff members taking home soiled linens to launder, delayed disposal of an abortion specimen and poorly maintained emergency response equipment.
He himself told the story of performing an abortion on a ten year old rape victim and sending her home to her parents with a note (the parents were related to the rapist and did not want it reported). He failed to report this child victim as required by law. He failed to report the abortion as required by law. And he seems to have told the story to defend his record of ‘compassion’ for women. The board found him unconvincing, in fact, they found him disturbing. He cared so much for women that he offered pain meds and sedation to “only those under 16 and those who could pay extra. And when he did sedate women he didn’t have qualified staff to monitor them and didn’t follow best practices for administration of the drugs and emergency procedures.” His clinic had expired medications in their emergency kit, among several other violations.
Operation rescue says that he has a history of abuses, including one where he also performed an abortion and failed to report the rape of, “a 10-year-old. He sent the latter home with her parents, who knew their daughter was raped by her uncle but didn’t want him prosecuted, without reporting it to the police.” This is a crime, and left the 10 y.o. child vulnerable to additional abuses and harm.
He also ignored Indiana’s 18 hour waiting period law, performing abortions the same day the clients came in, and he attempted to hide this by dishonest and illegal record keeping. He failed to ensure staff were present during surgical procedures, a safety measure required for the safety of the patients themselves.
He continued to visit his clinics even after he lost his license, at present, nobody in law enforcement knows why or what he did there.
He claims he had no health problems from his abortions, but the record shows otherwise: (and note, many of his violations are faulty record keeping, and these were not minor paperwork errors, these were violations done deliberately to hid what had actually happened in his clinics).
He died this year, and when his family started cleaning out his garage they discovered he had stored the medically preserved remains of over 2,000 babies in his garage.
Predictably, abortion advocates insist it is too early to decide he did anything morally or ethically wrong.

This is what legal abortion looks like.  His practice went public in 1973, same year as Roe V Wade, but it’s a public secret that after Roe V. Wade the same people performing legal abortions had already been performing thm illegally.  

Storing 2000 plus baby corpses in his garage are not the worst things this man did.
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