Lunch for One or Two

Because my husband has been gone for the last two weeks, and I’m trying to sort, organize and purge stuff, meals have been super short and simple.

Breakfast for her is always oats with a nutbutter and jam or honey or yogurt stirred in. Mine is either a green smoothie or an apple with almond butter. Bananas for her.

The first week for lunch I cooked up a bunch of potatoes in the crockpot stored them in the fridge, diced up sausages the Cherub can eat in advance (alfresco brand), and grated cheese and every afternoon for lunch I reaheated a cooked potato with the sliced sausage, cheese, and a big of diced frozen peppers and onions from the freezer for her. I had it without the potato, sometimes I had sausage and cheese quesedillas, once I mixed the sausage, cheese and a diced onion and had it with an omelette.

For supper the first week I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts and thighs in advance and she had those with frozen carrots and peas or broccoli with brown rice noodles– if you buy these via subscribe&save with four other items, you get 15% off!). I had them as is, or I made a big batch of chicken salad and ate it with crackers or on a bit of romaine lettuce.

This week’s lunch:
I bought a bag of shredded cabbage, the kind they sell for cole-slaw, so it has a bit of shredded carrots as well as green and red cabbage.
I bought a frozen bag of chicken fajita strips and some grated cheese.

I don’t have amounts because this isn’t how I prepare food. I wing it. Apologies if this frustrates you. Trying to recreate exact amounts and precise proportions frustrates me.

I pour near to boiling water (we have a special tap for this) over some brown rice noodles and grated cabbage in a cereal bowl and put another bowl on top to hold the noodles down.
I mix some shredded cabbage in a small bowl along with some lime juice, honey mustard salad dressing, and siriacha sauce, stirring well and letting it set while I do other things.
I put some chicken strips on a microwavable plate and nuke them for about a minute.
I get out the flour tortillas and grated cheese and sprinkle some cheese just below the half line on the tortilla.
I put some of the cabbage/honey mustard mixture along the cheese.
I add some chicken strips and roll these up and that’s my lunch.
For the Cherub, her noodles are usually done now, if they aren’t, I nuke them another minute, then drain, put in a spoonful of peanut butter, drizzle it with bragg’s amino acids and a bit of molasses and stir well. You could top this with sesame seeds, stir in Chinese five spice, add garlic and onions (green onions would be delicious). Tofu or diced cooked chicken would also be good.

For the rolled cabbage chicken tacos that I eat, you could use other sauces/dressings. You can omit the siriacha sauce and even the lime juice. I like adding cilantro to it- lots of cilantro. Sometimes I have diced tomatoes on the side. You can heat them briefly to meltthe cheese and soften the cabbage but I prefer it crunchy. You could add green onions. You could sprinkle the filling with sesame seeds or almond slivers. You can drizzle siriacha sauce over the top so it looks pretty but it’s not practical as it’s messier to eat that way.

It takes me maybe fifteen minutes to have all this done, and since I make the rolled cabbage tacos on the counter and then put them on the same plate I nuked the chicken on, the only dirty dishes I have are the same ones we ate with.

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