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I recently finished binge watching Mask, an K-drama that’s a little bit older.  It’s one of those where the premise is a pair of strangers are married and end up falling in love.  Mask is also a mystery, revenge, and suspence drama with several twists.  This isn’t a spoiler because it’s in the drama descriptions,but the main characters are in a contract marriage for a business arrangement.  However, just before the wedding the bride dies. This does not fit in with the villain’s lifetime goals at all, however, it just so happens that in the previous weeks they’d discovered the bride has a doppelganger in the vicinity- no birth secret, just one of those odd coincidences that sometimes do happen.  Through a series of violent and often improbable events, blackmail, extortion, bribes and a set-up, he convinces her to step in and play the bride.  This isn’t difficult since she and the groom have only met a couple of times and have no relationship at all and have agreed to have nothing much to do with each other except to keep up appearances for the next year.  Of course, the rest is predictable.  It’s a bit frustrating because of the stupidity of the good guys and the sheer villainisness of the villains and choices made that make no sense to me.  But I do like dramas with this basic premise so I watched it all.


Currently watching My Name is Kim Sam-Soon or My Lovely Sam Soon with my husband.  This is a much older K-drama and the fashion and make-up choices are weird, and we have the stereotypical cold, rude chaebol and the poor working girl and the fake dating contract.  But this poor working girl is a crack-up.  She’s slightly on the chubby side for  Korean lead actress (I do get tired of the fat comments thrown her way), and she’s not the self-sacrificing, effacing, always cheerful in adversity, doormat. She’s feisty and she swears and yells when people need to be sworn at and she stands up for herself.


We just finished Defendant, which had one of the creepiest, most psychotic villains ever, and a sad love story and a friend who makes choices I find impossible to understand.  It’s not a romance, except insofar as we see flashbacks of how much the lead hero loved his murdered wife.  Lots of adrenaline.

I’m watching The Great Show, and enjoying it- it has my other drama crack, lots of cute kids and a father figure learning to love those cute kids.  I’m not sure where it’s going to end, but so far it’s fun (there were a couple of weeks of anxious over one storyline I thought was going to go south, but it didn’t).

I’m also watching Be Melodramatic and except for one or two minor side stories, I really enjoy it.  The banter, the meta, it’s delicious. There’s one scene about promos in dramas that is such a right up, such a joke within a joke within a product placement (or the other way around) that it had my guffawing outloud and going “Wait.  Did they really just do that?  Oh, golly, they did, they did!”   There’s a storyline that’s breaking my heart and one that makes me so mad at the toxicity, and one that just continues to crack me up….   Anyway, it’s fun.

Before Defendant we watched I Am Not a Robot which was cute and sweet and so sacharine, and Kill Me, Heal Me, which was so strong in the love story department that when it was over my husband said he wanted the next one not to be a romance but something with more gravitas and suspense.  He was a bit disturbed by the initial direction of Defendant and thought I’d gone too far the other way, but he liked it by the end.  He was feeling pretty vindictive about the villain, whereas I was more vindictive about the friend.  I kept telling him the villain is just a psychopath, he needs to die, but it’s like squashing a bug.  But the friend has no such excuse, he’s just a horrifying traitor.

Oh, and when I can, I keep up with Graceful Family.  The family is horrible and typically evil of course,  and it’s all very over the top, but the character of Mo Seok Hee is just grand.  I love her.  The actress is killing it. I adore her fashion, her style, her personal flair, the music track for her, everything.  It’s just a ball to watch her put spikes in all the plots, even when her efforts are defanged, so to speak, by the arch Villainoiselle, who I love to hate.  But it’s Mo Seok Hee as played by this actress who makes it all worth watching.

Mainly I end up watching most of these at 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep.  I’ve had a lot of those nights lately.

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