Another day, another hoax hate crime?

A week or so ago there was a horrifying report that at the Christian School where Karen Pence volunteers, some white boys held down a black sixth grade girl and cut off her dred locks or braids. I had this in my line-up to post about, but I wanted to do a little more background research on the school before posting, and the story as well. I read it was 6 boys, then I read it was 3, and today…
She’s saying it didn’t happen, and her family is apologizing. Link fixed.

I’d still like to know more, but all the kids are sixth graders, apparently, so naturally their names aren’t being released and so far, nobody seems to be talking to the press. And the press is less interested now that it’s a hoax. I have questions, but don’t expect I’ll be finding any answers any time soon.


Additional updates:  In the first recanting stories I read, the family just straight up apologized and said the girl admited she made it up.  She had to admit this because there were, in fact, security cameras in the area and they showed no such activity.  The family had a great apology, said they were willing to accept the consequences, asked forgiveness of the boys and their families.

They had a gofund me account and they’ve asked for it to stop and all donations be returned to the donors.

In the latest versions, her family’s attorney is now involved saying that yes, she lied about this but she’s been bullied all year.

I’ve wondered about that possibility, but it bothers me that she only made this first dishonest allegation only to get out of trouble when her family noticed some of her dredlocks were missing- something she apparently did to herself.  And she’s made the next allegation only when she got caught lying the first time- she didn’t apologize because she felt bad, but because there were security cameras proving her to be a liar.

She lied to avoid admitting what she’d done, and now they’ve apologized but then seem to have launched new accusations,  accusing the boys of bullying her. That seems off- not because I don’t believe bullying is possible, but because in this case,w here we have a proven false allegation launched solely to get herself out of a sticky admission of her own wrong doing, it doesn’t seem reasonable to believe her next allegation, which easily could be made to get herself out of trouble for *this* sticky situation.

Incidentally, I had my doubts about this story from the beginning because of one thing- she said the white boys called her nappy-headed (or knappy).   The only people I’ve ever heard use that term to describe black people’s hair are other black people. Similar to the Jussie Smollet hoax, it didn’t sound anything like the way real white people talk.  It sounded like the way somebody imagines those Other Bad White People talk.

It’s not because I think it’s impossible that there are racist white kids at a Christian school.  Of course it’s possible, which is why I was waiting until I could look some more things up about the story instead of denouncing it even though I had doubts.  My doubts were because that was her language, not theirs, and more like something she’d imagine they would say than the way they probably talk.

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