One of the the things I find frustrating about housework is how much of it consists in doing things that are only evident in their absence.

If I dusted every day nobody would know. I wouldn’t have much to show for it even to myself.
I just spent an hour in the kitchen putting away groceries, folding paper bags (save a sea turtle), wiping spilled coffee, taking out trash, refilling the trash bin with a fresh paper bag… And few people could tell these things are done. They would only notice what is undone.

I know we shouldn’t do things for show or glory, but people do like to be appreciated and we like the sense of satisfaction in a job well done. If I make a quilt, not that I would,but let’s pretend, I can look at it and feel that sense if satisfaction for years.

Make a clean room and it lasts a few minutes. This is why I used to sweep and mop floors at midnight. It is likely why women of old kept unused but coldly and pristine parlours.

Look around you. Notice the little tasks that are being taken care of. Thank your mother. Thank the garbage collectors who don’t drive off leaving trash in your yard. Thank the kid who doesn’t leave the bathroom looking like a demolition site. Compliment somebody when there is no toothpaste on the bathroom mirror and when the cereal bowl has been rinsed.
Visit a friend and notice the little absences that show discreet evidences of work done.

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