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K-Drama: When the Devil Calls Your Name

I’m super conflicted about this one, and much will depend on how it ends and if they go all squicky on me or not. They’d better not. Seriously. Ugh. This is a loose version of the Faust story. Rather than the devil being The Devil of Christian theology, he’s more of a dokkgebi, a goblin […]

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The Furnace Man Part V of V

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V (below) Uh-Oh.  Miss Holloway has just discovered her luncheon partner at her young godson’s birthday party, ‘the furnis man’, has a ‘one and only.’  She grits her teeth and invites him to tell about the object of his affections: “Thank you. There’s very little to […]

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The Furnace Man, part IV

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V A magazine story from 1916, reposted here in serial form.  Miss Holloway is a wealthy young socialite and philanthropist in New York City.  The ‘furnis man’ is a young giant who is working his way through University by tending furnaces and other jobs.  It in […]

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The Furnace Man, part 3

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V A delicious little morsel of a very dated tale of a highly egalitarian luncheon birthday party hosted by young Master Philip Cameron, scion of one of New York City’s wealthiest young society couples, in the most un-egalitarian golden age for the wealthiest class, in the […]

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The Furnis Man, continued

A not at all timeless tale written in 1916.  Here is the beginning.  Below is part two. To bring you up to speed, the well to do upper-crust Cameron family have a precocious and delightful young egalitarian of 5 who is having his own birthday party with just the people he most likes in the […]

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