Trump vs the Squad

My kid brother once got himself chased up a tree by a group of kids from Texas. He dissed them and the place they came from and they chased him up a tree.  They were all around 11 years old or so.  Nothing came of it.
What happened is…  A new business in town had opened up and hired a lot of new people and transferred some of them from the plant back in Texas.  The influx of Texans clashed with the home group for a while as everybody jostled for position.  Texans did as Texans do and boasted about their state and its superiority and everybody else did as everybody else does when that happens, and quietly rolled their eyes, laughed to themselves, or inwardly bristled.  One day at school my kid brother got tired of hearing all the “That’s not how it’s done it Texas,” “In Texas it’s better because…” and he smarted off to a small group of boys who were putting down his state, “If life  is so much better in Texas, why don’t you just go back there?”

And they chased him up a tree, shouted some insults at him and went home.  Only he was afraid to come down because he thought they might be hiding.  It was the days, the decades, the generation before cell phones, so he just sat up there and waited for our mom to go look for him, which she did. Nothing much came of it.  He admitted he’d been a little stupid and we teased him a bit from time to time, but it was just kid stuff and life went on.

Okay, I lied a little bit.  The kids weren’t from Texas.  We lived in a border town and the kids were from Mexico.   If this somehow changes the feel of the story for you, I’m disappointed.


Brouhaha in Congress.  The ‘Squad’ are four Democrat freshman members of Congress that are a thorn in Pelosi’s side and there is no love lost between the four and President Trump.

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit, and while her parents are Palestinian immigrants, she was born in the U.S.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Somalian immigrant

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY, specifically parts of South Bronx and Queens), her family comes from Puerto Rico

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), an African American woman, born in Ohio, raised in Chicago

Recently, they have been heating up the battle with Pelosi, trying to push their party further to the left and attempting to normalize their more radical brand.   Trump stepped in and defended Pelosi, which was weird but also seems  politically savvy, but then followed up with a series of tweets many see as racist, others see as hamfisted, and others see as neither racist nor hamfisted but rather right on target.  Here they are.

If you’re wondering which camp I’m in, I guess it would be the stunned, “What on earth?!” camp.  I suppose one could argue that Trump meant Detroit when he said “they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” but I don’t think it would be a serious argument.  I am inclined to agree with Charles C. Cooke on this, with possibly a specific exception I will get to in a moment.

If you’re going to demand I disavow the comments as racist, well. No.  The accusation of racism has been gutted and it just doesn’t mean anything.  Milk is racist. The okay sign with your fingers is racist. Using the perfectly acceptable and nothing at all to do with colour word niggardly is racist. Science is racist.  Brown bags are racist. Math is racist. Hairstyles are racist. Having dogs for pets is racist.  I will tell you Trump and the Squad and Pelosi and their bickering remind me of those 11 year old boys bickering.

So the Democrats rallied together and defended the squad (this word is also racist, but it’s Pelosi’s term), although Jake Tapper says that privately those same Democrats are seething with resentment because they have been under attack by that same squad.  Pelosi finally agreed to their demands to bring impeachment to the table, which they lost and it wasn’t even close, which is what she knew would happen and it’s why she did not want to bring it to the floor.

But they can’t just leave well enough alone, those four.  They had solid ground for rallying people around them if they could have just stopped there.  But no.  AOC says not only was Trump’s calls for them to ‘go back’ racist, but even calling them communists was racist. “Calling people who believe in democracy, civil + economic rights, and racial justice “communist” has a long + rich history w/ white supremacy in the US.”  But AOC as recently as March of this year said “”To me, capitalism is irredeemable.””

And her chief of staff has boldly stated that:

“The interesting thing about the Green New Deal,” he said, “is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.” Ricketts greeted this startling notion with an attentive poker face. “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Chakrabarti continued. “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.” [emphasis added]

And then there’s Ilhan.  She’s the exception I mentioned above.  There are credible allegations that she has committed tax fraud, immigration fraud, fraud in pursuit of a student loan or grant, and also that she married her brother.  Trump mentioned that, and Ilhan and her supporters came unglued, and what was really amusing was the press reaction.  Main stream ‘reporters’ at CNN act like they have never heard this before and it is too disgusting to even say it.  They ‘debunk’ it by saying, “Ilhan says that’s disgusting.”  That’s not debunking anything.

This is a terrific example of that famous Brit gift for understatement: “A Somali blog first accused her of marrying her brother and of being a bigamist. It prompted her to issue statements which have not helped in disproving the claims. ”

It looks to me like this is because the claims are true, Ilhan did marry her brother, a British citizen at the time, and they did not divorce when she says they did. She says she divorced him in 2011 and he returned to England and then she lost track of him and has no way to contact him.  The paperwork indicates they were both still married and still attending  the same university in the U.S. in 2012, they were still married in 2017 (contrary to previous claims), they have sometimes lived in the same address as her previous and current husband, and while she was legally married to him, she fled a joint tax return with the other guy she married and who is also the father of her 3 kids.  Incidentally, there’s a social media picture where the man Ilhan *legally* married, the one that is probably her brother, refers to Ilhans daughter as his niece, and the man works with one of her sisters, and has for a while, so she’s lying about being unable to contact him. (this paragraph was updated 7/20 to correct the date the couple were in university and to add some additional details on the problems with her story).
It’s important to note that nobody is seriously accusing her of actual incest.  They are asking questions about possible immigration and student loan fraud.

MOre on that here, from a source that is left leaning and wants to be friendly to her.

At a Trump rally his people started chanting ‘send her back,’ much as they used to chant ‘lock her up.’ This is supposed to be racist and very bad.  So today Trump disavowed. You can take that disavowal for what it’s worth, and I would likely agree that it’s nothing, he really loved it.  But I won’t agree that it’s horrible. Ilhan is an awful person who has said and done awful things, she is, I believe, guilty of immigration fraud, she does, as far as I can tell, want to the change the country that rescued her into something more like the country she had to flee.  She’s cute.  She’s definitely got that going for her.  But that’s about it.

As for it being racist to call for the deportation of an immigrant, DeportMelania was so popular with Democrats it was trending on twitter for a while and I recall no disavowals.  There was a similar call to deport Seb Gorka, who I kind of like because I have a soft spot for a bombastic, stuffed shirt, fatheaded, blusterer who sometimes kicks the same hornet’s nest I’d like to see kicked.   There were more serious efforts to contact agencies and actually have him deported for no reason other than his politics.  The issue with Ilhan is that there are good reasons to believe she has actually committed immigration fraud.


Here are some links to follow (added 7/20):

The local leftist Minneapolis Star linked above essentially followed the trail broken for them by .  David Steinberg, and they followed it three years later, even though they *knew* she had committed fraud and used campaign funds illegally.  Steinberg explains some new finds here.  Ilhan likely entered the country illegally to begin with as she immigrated under a program shut down because of a nearly 100% fraud rate).  And he links to the four previous stories he reported on Ilhan.  Note that nobody is blaming her for the initial fraud because that happened when she was a child.  However, her father is questionable, at best, and her subsequent, adult behaviour is the main issue here.

Washington Examiner reporter (a term applied loosely here) admits the Ilhan married her brother story is not baseless, but the right hijacked it.  Hijacked, I guess, means ‘reported on the story we were trying to bury.’  She’s also just slanderously dishonest about Steinberg’s reporting on Powerline, and she somehow blames Trump for stating in 2020 what she should have been investigating two years ago, because it was not baseless then, either, and the evidence was available if she had wanted to do any actual journalism.

The Daily Mail notes that Ilhan’s marriage to the man believed to be her brother by most people who have looked into the story was a legal marriage performed by a Christian minister.  This is odd for a couple of reasons.  They aren’t Christian, they are Muslim. She did not have a legal marriage with the man with whom she filed joint tax returns and conceived all her children, with whom she claims she was married ‘culturally’ but not legally until after she divorced the alleged brother…  So odd.  The explanation that fits the facts is that she needed one of those marriages to be legal, probably to qualify for immigration and/or student financial aid.

Given Ilhan’s history of support for terrorists and her open anti-semitism, the media’s collective willingness to lie and cover for her is deeply disturbing.  She is in Congress on the foreign relations committee and is likely not somebody who would have passed the first level in a basic security clearance given a civilian.

Reporters Preya Samsundar of AlphaNewsMNScott Johnson of Powerline, and David Steinberg are the only reporters who have been reliable and consistent on this.



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