Epstein Medical Emergency

He was found in his cell, blue, unconscious, from either assault or attempted suicide.

I don’t know if anybody really believes in the suicide idea.

This is something I’ve only seen on Twitter and haven’t taken time to confirm, but I have seen it from a couple people I trust:  Also, his cell mate is a former police officer convicted of killing several people and disposing of their bodies in his backyard and last week he was found with a cell phone.

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  1. Frances
    Posted July 25, 2019 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    You’d expect he’d be under close observation and not banged up with a violent offender…

    Yes, I know!

    • Headmistress
      Posted July 26, 2019 at 9:16 am | Permalink

      Right? I have now read several different theories, and two stand out as most feasible. They aren’t compatible, tho.
      One is that he injured himself in a bid to be taken to a private hospital and get better arrangements from the judge. I doubt this one, although I am just a looky-loo with no standing or particular insight except my own experience with a psychopath.
      The other is that the killer cop sharing his cell did it, but did not intend to kill him, just to warn him. The Killer Cop is also allegedly from the same area where the Clintons currently live. I am inclined to believe the first half of this one. I don’t put it past the Clinton machine, but there’s just too much icing on this one, and they don’t *need* to have their hired killers be from their town. And there are plenty of other powerful people who must be terrified of what Epstein can say about them, and he probably has pictures hidden somewhere in one of his mansions or on the island.

      Having him share a cell with a killer cop seems obviously like a deliberate threat to me, but then again, both killer cops and pedophiles tend to be hated by the entire prison population, so maybe that’s why- neither one of them can be put in a cell with somebody else. But I just don’t believe that wasn’t deliberate.

      I want him to live long enough for all the evidence against all the perps involved with him to come out and for them to be jailed. Then he can be one of those people who gets the newly reinstated death penalty, and I’m not even strongly in favour of the death penalty.

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