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Five Baltimore Schools do not have a single student who is reading at grade level

Baltimore Schools- four high schools and one middle school do not have a *single student* who is considered proficient at math or reading. Not one. This is fraud. This is failure. It’s a tragedy. New Hope is a small school with nearly 120 students, 90% black, and the drop out rate is over 70%  It’s […]

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Butterfly Bookmark, and Parables From Nature

In the mid-1800s a lady writer, Mrs. Gatty, published a book called The Parables From Nature.  Margaret Gatty was the daughter of a Navy chaplain and the wife of a vicar.  She and her husband had ten children together, most of them largely educated at home by Mrs. Gatty, with some help from the oldest […]

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Cultural Differences, Cont.

The topic of cultural differences is really just one of my favourite things ever.  It’s endlessly fascinating to me.  I am not sure why it’s such a passion, but possibly moving all over the place all my life contributed to it.  For the last couple of years I have been recommending the Great Courses series […]

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Epstein Medical Emergency

He was found in his cell, blue, unconscious, from either assault or attempted suicide. I don’t know if anybody really believes in the suicide idea. This is something I’ve only seen on Twitter and haven’t taken time to confirm, but I have seen it from a couple people I trust:  Also, his cell mate is […]

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Cultural Differences- Warm vs Cold

My husband and I are listening to another audio book on customs and cultures.  It’s Foreign to Familiar, a Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures.   I really like this one. It’s shorter than Livermore’s, but doesn’t totally overlap.  There are additional details for different countries. The author tells a sad story about a […]

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