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Cyber Surveillance

Amazon is recording and saving your data and stuff you say (and stuff your houseguests say).  Alexa records even without the ‘wake’ word, and it saves all recordings. You can delete it, but you cannot stop it from happening, except by not getting hooked up or by unplugging Alexa.

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Books Read So Far in the Year of Our Lord 2019

(affiliate links below)   I’ve been doing some extra reading this year, keeping up my goal of a book a week largely by audio books and children’s fiction.  Ahem.  I’m actually ahead of my goal.  I have a nightstand full of about ten books I picked off my shelves at the beginning of the year […]

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Back up?

You weren’t missing something- the Common Room was totally down for about a month.  Drove me nuts.  But I had no money and no time to fix it.  Crazy stuff.  Busy.  Nothing dramatic, just lots of business.  Plus, you know. Well, some of you know.;-)   I finally just blocked out a few hours to […]

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