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C.S. Lewis and other Deals on Kindle, Today Only

Screwtape Letters, 2.99 Today only Amazon has several C. S. Lewis deals on Amazon: Screwtape Letters: 2.99, The Abolition of Man, 2.99 The Four Loves, 1.99 The Great Divorce, 2.99: A Grief Observed, 2.99; ¬† All the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series, 1.99 each: The Lion, the Witch, […]

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1871, American War in Korea, part IV

At any rate, America later sent another envoy to enquire after the Shenandoah and to ask about diplomatic relations, and this time the Koreans seemed to have a ready answer for them: ‚ÄúCommander Shufeldt’s threat to return with more warships was no idle threat. In the spring of 1868, the USS Shenandoah under Captain John […]

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Boys and Girls are Different in the Womb

A New Study Blows Up Old Ideas About Girls and Boys | Psychology Today I mean, obviously to people with common sense.

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1871, An America War in Korea, part III

The U.S. attempted to send enquiries after the fate of the General Sherman and its men several times. The Koreans were disinclined to discuss the General Sherman, possibly because they thought compensation would be demanded and they didn’t feel they should have to compensate a nation over dispensing with a ship of thieves. Or perhaps […]

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How a cultural misunderstanding started a war, part 1

In the 19th century a number of Western countries, including the U.S., attempted to open up trade in the east. Korea, known as the Hermit Kingdom, resisted firmly, trying to keep China as a buffer between them and the west. Several western countries attempted to sail into Korea and negotiate some further trade relations. They […]

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