That ‘hate crime’ in Chicago…

The recent hate crime case in Chicago is falling apart faster and uglier than a square of one ply toilet paper.  Reports are now that Smollet himself hired to Nigerian brothers to buy the rope, red hats, and bleach and rough him up a bit.  At least one of them worked with him as an extra on set, and one of them is his former personal trainer, and the brothers seem to have been workout buddies with him at a local gym.  If true, he really put those two guys in a very vulnerable and difficult position and it looks like he’s ready to throw them under the bus.  I mean, they shouldn’t have taken the money, but it’s kind of a scummy thing to do- exploit two poor immigrants to commit a crime for you and then raise your hands in faux innocent horror when they get caught doing what you enticed them to do.


I’m not sure how successful this pretense at tossing them under the bus will work, though, when he said his attackers were white and unknown to him, and these are black guys he knows.

There’s a site that tries to keep track of these hate crime hoaxes– there’s nearly 350 of them logged so far.

Here’s another list- I’d forgotten already about the 150 bomb threats to Jewish centers that turned out to be the work of a left-winger.


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  1. Posted February 17, 2019 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    “one ply toilet paper” 😀 That’s great! I reread that a few times and laughed pretty hard.

    If they had thought for a minute, that money doesn’t look like so much once you need to hire a lawyer. Perhaps they were hoping to sell their story if it got to that point?

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