That face when…

You come home from church after dark, it’s cold, freezing, in fact, and you go into the laundry room bathroom (which nobody ever uses anymore because it’s so cold) and see something in the toilet and wonder angrily “Who didn’t flush?!?” and turn on the light and it’s a dead ground squirrel which probably tumbled directly in from the ceiling overhead where one of the ceiling tiles is messed up.

Not me, my husband.  Thankfully.  Well, I’m thankful ,anyway, because I’m shallow and squeamish and selfish like that.



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  1. Amy
    Posted February 18, 2019 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    I’d be thankful also!

    I glanced into the toilet once as I went into the bathroom and saw something brown clinging to the toilet bowl. It’s gross, but toilets are made for brown stuff, and sometimes it sticks to the bowl, so I continued to ready myself for using said toilet. It occurred to me that the brown stuff was oddly symmetric, so I decided to look one more time before I sat. I was glad I did because it ended up being a tree frog! I could have died that day if I’d sat and the frog had jumped in freight.

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