Good stuff

We now have transportation again!

Winter is almost over!

My husband has a part-time job mostly involving working from home or traveling that includes me (and the Cherub). He’s working with our sending organization on recruiting teachers for international Christian schools, so we still have fingers in missions and that feels right.

I finally got around to listening to one of Audible’s recent free offerings (and by ‘recent’ I mean I downloaded it last September)- Feeding the Dragon by Sharon Washington. Wow. I loved it. It’s a memoir about some of her childhood growing up in New York City in the seventies. She’s black, her father for a time had the job of janitor and caretaker for one of the city libraries and along with that job came an apartment upstairs from the library itself. She had free reign in the library after hours and much of her reading comes into the story she tells, which is really more about her family than the library. She deals deftly, beautifully, with all of it, good, bad, upsetting. There were lines that gave me goosebumps and parts that made me blink back tears. There’s a nice interview with her about her work here.

We’ve been in communication with the older of our godsons (The ‘Little Boys’ who are not so little anymore), and we are now working on getting him up here for spring break and summer vacation, and a visit down to see them sometime between the two. He asked to come for one of them, we invited him for both, and while I know he wants to see is friends up here, I’m also happy that he asked if he could come see us.

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