We eat at least 3 of these every week, just my husband and I.

A Pomelo is a really huge citrus fruit, larger than a grapefruit.  It’s either an ancestor of or a type of grapefruit, depending on your source of info.  It’s much sweeter and tangier and more delicious than grapefruit.

The peel is green to greenish yellow. It is incredibly thick, many times thicker than an orange rind.  Once you remove the outer peel you also have to peel off the white inner rind. It’s much like paper in texture and flavour.  By the time you have removed these layers, the actual fruit you get is about half the volume you thought you started with.

The fruit in the center is worth it.  The type we get, the fruit is a jewel-toned pink, lovely to look at, even better to eat.  I’ve heard of yellow centers, but have never seen them.

I have found that often when my brain is sluggish and not functioning, eating pomelo makes me wake up and feel more alert.  I was looking up the fruit to see if there is a reason for that. I didn’t find one. It may just be that citrus makes me feel like that way.

It does have many of the same health benefits of grapefruit- vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and so on.  Allegedly it’s good for high blood pressure, which I don’t have, in fact, so effective that one site I found warned people with low blood pressure to be cautious about eating it.

I also saw many claims that it has anti-aging properties, which maybe explains why Asians look younger than westerners (plus the fact that they avoid the sun)

There’s a video of somebody peeling one here– pro-tip: turn off the sound, it’s irritating music and there’s no dialogue.

More health information here.

A delicious pomelo scallop recipe here.

I have had it in shakes, smoothies, and salads, and all of them were good. However, I really prefer to just eat it.

Tang makes a pomelo flavoured breakfast drink powder which is also delicious, but not nearly so healthy, of course.  Incidentally, we can also buy Tang in other flavours: Buko, Guyabano, Four Season, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Calamansi, Dalandan, Apple Tea, occasionally Guava I think, and probably orange, but I haven’t noticed.  I like all of them except strawberry.  My husband prefers mango and pineaple.

The Tang comes in small foil packets with enough powder to make 1 litre.  Because we have to fit everything we want to take home in six suitcases of about 40 pounds each, our souvenir gifts for the 25 precious relatives at home are largely limited to these exotic packets of tang, keychains, erasers, and maybe some organic coffee grown and packaged by monks in the bukidnon (mountains).

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