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First Weaving Projects

Cut strips from tag board, file folders or perhaps the sides of a milk jug. They should be 4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. You can also ask the children to do the measuring, marking, and cutting. If you want to be more ambitious, use wide blades of grass, palm fronds, willow, or corn […]

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A few good reads

The problem with Ivy Leagues– ” The ‘tenacious myth’ of affirmative action: ‘They will instantly catch up’ She denounced the academy for its “aggressive, dogmatic pursuit of equality” of group outcomes rather than its historic “disinterested search for truth.” The academic gaps that make affirmative action necessary either “may not be mentioned in polite society” […]

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Ethnocentrism Can Be Funny

I heard a proverb this week that says something like, “if you want to know what living in the water is like, you don’t ask the fish.”  It’s impossible to avoid being ethnocentric at some level. It’s like asking fish what it’s like to live on dry land. A few months ago we had four 20 […]

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Over Simplification

Cooking it that way uses up too much gas. Get up. Clean up. Put it up. Turn it up. Up and away. Come on up. Come up and see me. Use it up. Eat up.   These all seem like simple and basic English phrases and usages on first glance. But to the non-native speaker, […]

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K-Drama: Ms Ma: Nemesis

Other title, Goddess of Revenge This is just incredibly well done.  It’s a sort of an homage, pastiche, reboot of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple stories.  It’s not a retelling, but I can definitely recognize certain characters and the different stories.  The business man in Nemesis is an aging mob boss.  The Mirror Cracked episode makes […]

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