Saving the West

  1. “One of the leading philosophers of our time says Western culture will have to be handed down outside the ivory towers and college lecture halls – and he has strong reason to believe that its promulgators will be successful.”


The whole article is worth reading.


There are many ways to rage against the dying of the light, to push back.


I would suggest thinking about two questions:

What are you reading?

To whom are you reading?


“It never occurs to the people who run our schools, Fitzhugh said recently on his Concord Review blog, “that if students read more, they would know more, and in that way actually have some knowledge they wanted to write about.””

““But reading and knowledge never seem to find their way into discussions of Literacy in Our Time,” he said. “When teaching our students to write, not only are standards set very low in most high schools, limiting students to the five-paragraph essay, responses to a document-based question, or the personal (or college) essay about matters which are often no one else’s business, but we often so load up students with formulae and guidelines that the importance of writing when the author has something to say gets lost in the maze of the processes.””

What are your kids reading?

What are their friends reading?


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  1. Posted October 26, 2018 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    I had forgotten how much I enjoy your blog. I need to make time for reading more of the blogs I link to from my own. Thank you. This, and other things I’ve read here tonight have pushed back burnout and weariness for one more evening. We’re having a tough season; another reminder of how much reason for hope there is, and that we’re dong things that make a difference… it’s appreciated.

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