Rachel Mitchell’s report

Rachel Mitchell’s report on Ford’s testimony was leaked to the WaPo:

“A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.”



I see here a compelling list of contradictions in her own testimony as well as serious memory lapses about events that are not even one month old, let alone 36 years ago.


The tribe of believe all women and white men and republicans hate women are calling her some truly vile and despicable names, trashing her career and her professionalism as well as her character, but strangely, not addressing the substance of her report at all.  They can’t, because much of it is simply quoting Ford contradicting Ford.

You will notice, if following the news, that attention has shifted from Ford’s accusations to Kavanaugh’s yearbook entries and teenaged drinking habits.  The FBI investigated him six times already, doing a full background check for previous appointments, and they do ask about drinking.  So that’s one reason I don’t care.
I drank like a fish in high school myself – to the point of blacking out- and yet I have been a fine, upstanding, and sober citizen since I quit drinking in 1980.  So that’s another reason I do not care.

My yearbook entries were so appalling and embarrassing and disturbing in their claims that I set it on fire several years ago.  But something else about my yearbook entries is that at least half of them were not true, they were ridiculous half truths, phony innuendos, stupid inside jokes that were meant to sound daring and wicked but were really about dumb things- and I don’t think I could identify which are which today.  So that’s another reason I do not care.

Ford herself has a yearbook of her own, and if Kavanaugh’s matters, than so should hers, but during the month before her name become public she assiduously scrubbed the internet of all her social media and even the public copy of the yearbook for her class disappeared from online.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  So that’s another reason I don’t care.  Or more accurately, these are some of the reasons why I am disgusted and offended by focusing on drinking habits thirty years ago and teen yearbooks and their entries when we were supposed to be believing the every changing testimony of one accuser so unreliable that even the people she herself chose to name as witnesses insist they were never there and never saw anything like she described, and her best friend, also named as a witness, says she cannot be Ford’s witness as she has never even met the accused, let alone gone to a party with him or witnessed him attacking anybody.


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  1. Tracy
    Posted October 1, 2018 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know if Kavanaugh committed the assault, but I absolutely think that his yearbook entries refer to drinking and sex. I don’t care whether or not he actually did those things in high school, and my yearbook is full of stuff like that, too, most of which I didn’t actually do. What I DO care about is that he lied under oath and pretended that none of the things in his yearbook mean the things that it’s obvious they mean. He committed perjury, and that’s enough that he should be off the court.

    • Headmistress
      Posted October 2, 2018 at 2:26 am | Permalink

      Be specific. EXACTLY what did he say under oath that was committing perjury. You should be able to quote directly.

      You also have absolutely no basis to state as a fact that boofing or devil’s triangle refer to sex, and he *said* the Devil’s Triangle was a drinking game, so you are right- they are full of references to booze. He admitted that and he also testified that sometimes he drank to excess.

      Even the Urban Dictionary, which is largely a disgusting and prurient document that stopped being useful years ago, has entries going back to the early 2000s defining boofing as passing gas. I have never heard of a drinking game called Devil’s Triangle but I didn’t play drinking games, ever, I just got drunk. However, I graduated in 1980 and if you had asked me what the Devil’s Triangle was, I would have told you with confidence that it was another name for the mysterious Bermuda triangle where planes dropped off the radar and disappeared- which sounds a lot like a metaphor for a 3 cup drinking game to me.

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