It was one of those days

Planned to have tuna salad sandwhich on whole wheat pan de sal. Bread is moldy.
My laptop cord stopped working and I didn’t notice until my laptop was at 20%. No idea why. In the middle of projects of course.I think this will be my 3rd powercord. I need my laptop. NEED. And I don’t mean for a large black doorstopper.

Took the Cherub to the toilet in time, yay. But no, she managed to pull down the back of her dress so it was also in the toilet and she pooped on it. Yesterday she also broke a new necklace I had only worn once.

Trying to remember sino korean numbers and how to pronounce 를 and when to use the 면거 ending and visaya gi, i, mag, mo, and pag verb prefixes while also not forgetting my Spanish and my brain is 56 years old, 57 in Korean)

My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.

I have read Anne of Green Gables, so there’s that.


But the day was not over. No.  That was only up to about noon.  Then it got even ‘better.’

My husband came home and knocked on the bedroom door as I was getting in the shower . I lock the door when I am in the shower so that The Cherub can’t go wander around getting into trouble.  He knocked.  I checked messages to see if he’d told me he was coming home and bringing somebody, and he hadn’t, so I threw on totally sloppy and for private at home only see-through shirt and shorts and opened the door for him. He wasn’t there, he had knocked on the door and then gone on down the hall, but he had brought home a friend and his boy and they were following him down the hall and had just reached my door when I threw it open.  It was so bad that the guy immediately stepped back, averted his eyes, threw up his hands and said, “I didn’t knock, it was him!” 

I shut the door and locked it again and texted my husband a furious message.  He claimed he knocked on the door to let me know not to open it, unlike any other time EVER, unlike any NORMAL person in the universe. I replied as any normal wife would:
“One of us needs to die now.
That’s all.”

I went out to my next appointments for the day, English convo at a coffee shop, tutoring at the school, and then…

As I walked home from school I reached into my bag for my phone to take a picture of something. I do not remember what it was I wanted to take a picture, because inside the inside pocket of my bag, just before I touched it  I saw one of those large long roaches, the kind that a foot long in *my* dimension but in the current time/space everybody else lives in, probably only 2 inches (five, counting antenna).  It was, fortunately, dead already. We won’t discuss my reaction.

I had to go ahead and walk the rest of the way home, carrying my bag at arm’s length before I could carefully remove the contents I wanted to keep and then dump the roach carcass in the toilet.

You all realize this means I cannot ever again put my hand in a purse or bag for the rest of my life, right?

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  1. Elena Rulli
    Posted October 27, 2018 at 2:44 am | Permalink

    Am I a bad person for snorting loudly when reading about the door inciden (I too would be so furious and mortified!)? The roach episode was terrifying, but for me it would have been even worse if it had been a spider 😱

    • Headmistress
      Posted October 28, 2018 at 2:04 am | Permalink

      I’m glad you snorted loudly. Success! YEs, it was infuriating and mortifying at the time, but I wrote it to be funny. Also, I did get a new laptop cord without any dragging of feet over it, and some peanut M&M’s, too (a very rare treat!).
      The cord is not an easy or cheap thing to replace here and largely involves going to a mall and going in and out of every electronics store and kiosk at the mall and asking for a cord, and they search their stock by hand and try to offer something else (which is the pleasant way of saying ‘No dice’ here) and ask him where he’s from and why he’s here and what he thinks of Davao. And one or two might tell him to check back in an hour and they’ll see, and once before he finished the entire mall that way and then had to go to another mall to begin again.
      So I was very happy when he didn’t even ask if I wanted him to go hunt for me, he just said he’d do it. When he came home with the cord and also the candy, I said, “You really do feel guilty, don’t you?” His answer slays me.
      “Well, yeah, because the result was awful.”

      and that’s how I know I am not exaggerating when I shudder all over as I remember just how dreadful I looked when I opened that door.

  2. Kristina Tyree
    Posted October 28, 2018 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    That exact thing hasn’t happened to me ( praise God!) but it does seem that whenever I’m running out to the store and I’m too lazy to change out of my home/ gardening/cleaning clothes, I run into someone I’d rather not have run into dressed in anything other than work or church clothes!! Thankfully those kind of one bad thing after another days don’t happen very often, and the chocolate peanut treat and new cord were certainly a nice reward!

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