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Self Awareness Level Zero

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Sending food to your college kid

My last two babies are in college. I send one of them a gift card for gas (when her big sister remembers to take care of that transaction for me, LOL). I send my son some groceries once a month. Last year I did it via Amazon. This year he has a car so he […]

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Davao Climate

Rainy season is 9 months of the year, if not 10. The driest month of the year is March, which only gets an average rainfall of 3 inches.  In a month.  I grew up mostly in the desert with an annual rainfall of 6 inches. “We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, […]

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Gulaman drinks on hot days

I don’t make this, but I have seen the gulaman blocks at the store and wondered how one prepared them, and I do buy gulaman drinks on hot days.  They are indeed incredibly delicious and refreshing, and I do not ordinarily prefer drinks with texture and floating things.

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Literary analysis

Archetypes for Literary Analysis Seven page PDF How to use it- from around age 12 and up, two or three times a year consult it and pick a couple of the archetypes, read that description to your child, and ask if they can think of any characters or events from their books, movies, or games […]

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