Children are worthy of the best- that’s not elitism

“I believe the unique difference in this method of learning over all others is that Literature weaves a Golden Thread through all the subjects taught. Enthusiasm for Good Books is the Main Theme.
Whatever fault there may be in the Parents’ Union it is certainly not lack of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm springs from contact with the great mind of our founder Miss Mason, who has discovered again for us the great truth which Christ taught in his Gospel, that we must not offend, despise or hinder little children. Parents and teachers are constantly doing this when they give children the wrong mental food.
We show our respect for the child’s mind when we give him the best in Literature and Art and assist his mental growth by putting him into communication with the Great Masters. We have only to read the lives of great men to learn that their knowledge and insight was derived by coming into contact, while young, with living and dead masters through their books and works.
Bunyan chiefly learnt his style and insight into character from studying the Bible. Michael Angelo spent his most impressionable years in the Medici household, meeting the great scholars and painters of his day and studying the antique marbles in the Medici Gardens.”
Also, loved this sentence: what we ponder over, we remember.
Charlotte Mason said she was ‘jealous for the children’ because every new educational method belittled them intelectually. She wanted more for them, the best the human race had to offer, and she wanted this for *all* the children. It is the very opposite of an ‘elite,’ snobbish education- elitism denies the best to others. CM’s liberal education for all was meant to be shared with the masses, not hoarded and kept to an elite few.
It is a wide and generous education. It is part of our national disgrace that today believing that all children should have the best there there is when it comes to at and literature is somehow seen as ‘snobbish,’ while sneering at it is somehow more admirable and loving.
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