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Believe All Women VS Due Process

I come down on the side of due process.   I am a survivor twice over.    I think I might have shared this before, but I haven’t checked, so maybe not. At 15 I was walking home from a party by myself, after midnight.  I wasn’t supposed to be at that party. I wasn’t […]

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Leaf Margins

  Leaf margins are the edges of leaves.  Different species have different types of edges.  You’ve probably seen those fun crafting scissors that cut paper to have different shaped edges- this is a similar result.  Not sure what brand of scissors God uses. Scientists have designated different names for the different shaped margins and it […]

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Acorn Jelly

I shocked my Korean friends when I told them we have oak and mulberry trees on our property and the acorns and mulberries mostly just rot on the ground because nobody eats acorns and the only people who eat mulberries are the kids who go out in the summer and gets sweaty and all stained […]

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Leucaena Leucocephala shrub

Seems to be called ipil-ipil here in the Philippines. The buds and blossoms and pods can all appear on this tree or shrub at the same time. Here’s a close up of one of the buds and one of the frowsy-headed, Seussian blossoms: I’m attempting to give a sense of scale here to readers from […]

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Dragonflies and Damselflies

This is how you know if you are looking at a damselfly or a dragonfly; look at the wings. Each member of the dragonfly family extends both wings out like airplane wings while it basks in the sun or rests in the shadow.There is one big, white-bodied dragonfly species called the whitetail which slants its […]

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