When You Just Can’t Parody Anymore

I just finished a kindle book called The Narrative.  It’s parody, satire, or means to be.  It’s funny and it does poke enormous fun at the left, albeit not at all in a meanspirited way.  At least, I didn’t find it meanspirited. I found it down-right jolly.   But you’re only going to find it amusing if you already think the left is ridiculous.  It’s often heavy handed, but then sometimes it turns out what I thought was silly and over the top is pretty much straight out of real life.

One of the minor characters is a gal named Olive who has trained with GOO, the Global Outrage Organization, and learned some new protest techniques which the local protest leader is super excited about.  The group, hand in glove with a pair of reporters for the pet leftist network to film their antics,  goes to protest a local library.  The protest is over hiring a white male director (he turns out to be in a wheelchair, which surprises but does not stop them) and Olive engages in one of those new techniques- the voice grenade, which is just shrieking like a howling banshee for no good reason except to have a temper tantrum and prevent anybody else from speaking.  In several scenes in the book people respond to ideas they dislike by flinging themselves around and screaming like a two year old told it’s bedtime.  So over the top. Grown ups don’t act like- but wait.

See here- mind the sound, as there are a lot of F bombs mixed in the incoherent shrieking and howling.  Especially note starting around the 1:16 mark.


WATCH: Leftist Mob Screams At, Throws Drink On TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens



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  1. Christine Shah
    Posted August 8, 2018 at 10:36 am | Permalink

    When you have run out of sensible things to say but still want your way it is best to resort to tantrums. Any toddler will tell you so.

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