Teach men and boys what?

The problem with illegal aliens who kill and or rape girls is not illegal aliens or our porous borders and it won’t be fixed by securing our borders. We just have to teach men and boys that no means no and they should listen to a woman and…..
blah, blah, blah. I can’t even listen to this argument anymore because the blood rushes to my ears. It’s so *stupid*. If somebody wants to talk about statistics and point out that it is not like American born citizens never rape or kill people, *that* is a legitimate argument, a reasonable starting point. But ‘we just need to teach them not to rape’ is flatly stupid.

This is why. Do you really think that people who rape and kill women do that because they don’t know it’s wrong? Of course they know perfectly well that no means no and that they are wrong. That’s why they lie and hide their crimes. The problem is not that they don’t know, it’s that they don’t care.

And also, how on earth does this ‘we need to teach men and boys not rape’ argument work when the men in question have entered the country illegally in the first place? “WE” cannot teach consideration for others and respect for boundaries to people who live in other countries where the culture is different and who then break the law and violate boundaries to come here- but we can teach them respect *our* boundaries by sending them back when they violate them.

It’s also possible to do several things at once- secure the borders, and have better protections in place for women here.

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