Sarah Jeong, NYT’s new hire

Oh man, it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old black men.

Dumba… f…ing brown people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants


I dare you to go on wikipedia and play Things Black People Can Definitely TAke Credit For. It’s Really Hard.

The NYT just hired Sarah Jeong, the person who wrote the above tweets  to their editorial boards.  There are people who object to her abject racism and giving that racism a platform on the NYT.  They are being called an internet outrage mob, because apparently objecting to bigotry for hire makes you a mob. The NYT defends their hire and says she was merely responding in kind to online racist harassment, which they do not support by any evidence (she shared two comments as examples, both of which came some time *after* her racist outbursts, so could not have been the cause.  Also, of course, there are many  claims the outrage mob is racist and is only harassing her because she’s an Asian woman.

I supposed I should now confess that I’ve altered her remarks every so slightly. I substituted black or brown where she was talking about white people.  Is it okay now?

For many people, yes.  There is in academia, bleeding out into the real world for some time now, a nonsensical notion that only white people can be racists, bigots, or prejudiced.  No other race has this ability.  The idea is supposedly related to power- only white people have power, no darkskinned people have the institutional or personal power to be racist. Not only is this straight out Orwel redefining of racism unacceptable nonsense, it is not even based on truth.  We had a brown president for 8 years, seriously, he had no power?  There are no black or brown employers, landlords, teachers, administrators, and bureaucratic human road blocks behind the desk of the DMV? Of course there are.  In the real world.  Racism is racism and anybody can be racist.


Sarah Jeong also joined the Twitter mob against Tim Hunt.


City University London journalism professor Connie St. Louis tweeted out that Tim Hunt had ruined a science conference by sexist remarks he made at a luncheon.   American science journalists—former New York Times columnist Deborah Blum and Retraction Watch blogger Ivan Oransky supported St. Louis’s rendition of Hunt’s comments.

Hunt’s wife, also a scientist, and several women scientists who had worked with him came to his defense.  Blum doubled down. She insisted his sexist remarks were as she had claimed and that others had reacted in stunned silence- St. Louis said a ‘deathly silence’ in a radio interview she gave.

And then it turned out they lied.  A European Union official in attendance had already given a very different version of Hunt’s remarks to his organization, and had also reported that afterwards  a woman from the Korean National Research Council of Science and Technology had told him she was impressed by Hunt’s warmth and humour in his off the cuff comments.  Russian science journalist Natalia Demina had been challenging St Louis’s claims from the start and she continued to argue that St. Louis was not accurately representing Hunt, and she was taking obvious joke comments and treating them as straight up sexist claims, and Malaysian science journalist Shiow Chin Tan shared that while St. Louis was correct that Hunt had suggested maybe segregating scientists by sex, it was a joke and he had immediately followed up by saying men would be the worst for it.  And then Natlaia Demina found a recording that included part of his speech- which showed warm laughter and not stony silence was the response to his remarks, followed by applause.

You can read more about the Hunt story here.

In the meantime, Hunt had been forced to resign from several positions, at least one invitation to speak was withdrawn (who knows how many will never be made), and his reputation smeared by a woman careless of the facts and refusing to accept any other version of them.   It is fortunate that a recording existed.

In this case, we have another sort of recording, Jeong’s own words.  The NYT can keep her, or not.  They have very little credibility anyway, regardless.  Just another example of the double standard in today’s media.


She also thinks men and cops should be killed.



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